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How to Clean Natuzzi Leather Furniture

The Natuzzi group produces high-grade natural Italian leather products. According to its website, Natuzzi is the leading producers of leather sofas and the largest furniture manufacturer in Italy. As many as 4,000 people from around the world purchase a piece of Natuzzi furniture daily. When curing their hides, the natural characteristic of the leather does not change, so it requires special handling. All types of leather furniture need unique care. Adding one to your home is an investment. It’s important to learn the proper cleaning and maintenance to keep it in tiptop shape.


  1. Dust using a clean, dry, and non-abrasive white cloth.
  2. Vacuum at medium power with the upholstery cleaning attachment. Be careful not to rub the attachment directly on the leather.
  3. Remove liquid spills immediately from the surface with absorbent paper towels. Wipe delicately, working from the outside of the stain toward the center with a clean cloth soaked in water. Dry the leather with a clean towel. Do not let it air-dry or attempt to dry with a hair dryer.
  4. Clean grease stains that are wet, such as ketchup or mayonnaise, with an absorbent paper towel. Do not exert pressure on the leather. This will force the substances into the porous surface. Wipe the area with a diluted solution of soapy water. The soap should be colorless. Don’t use any type of detergent full strength. Rub the stain, working from the outside toward the center. Dry the leather immediately.

How to Get Ink Off a Leather Sofa

Remove ink from leather carefully so the leather isn't damaged in the process.
A leather sofa is not only an accessory for your home, but an investment. Leather furniture does not come cheap so you want to keep it in the best shape possible. Fortunately, stains do not have to become a permanent fixture on your sofa. Use the right products to get ink off your leather sofa to preserve the integrity of the leather in the process.


  1. Clean the affected area with a soft cloth and leather cleaner. Follow the instructions for using the leather cleaner as this will vary among products.
  2. Moisten a clean, soft cloth with rubbing alcohol. Gently rub the cloth over the ink stain until no more ink is transferring from the leather to the cloth. Apply more alcohol and switch to a clean part of the cloth as it becomes filled with ink.
  3. Mix 1 qt. of warm water with ¼ cup of white vinegar into a bucket. Dampen a clean cloth with the vinegar mixture and wipe down the affected area of the sofa. Follow up with a clean cloth dampened with plain water, then dry the leather completely.
  4. Moisten a clean cloth with non-acetone nail polish remover if any traces of the ink remain on the sofa. Gently wipe the area until the ink disappears. Rinse the area with the vinegar solution, then plain water. Dry the sofa thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.

How to Paint Plastic Patio Furniture

One of the best ways to bring a new look to your beloved patio furniture is by applying a fresh coat of paint to each piece of furniture. You will save a significant amount of money by painting plastic patio furniture yourself as opposed to buying new patio furniture. Unfortunately, spray painting plastic doesn’t create a lasting result. You need to follow the proper steps to make sure the paint will stick to plastic patio furniture.


  1. Wash the plastic patio furniture thoroughly with a sponge or washcloth. Use a mixture of water and detergent in a bucket to get rid of years of dirt and grime. Pay special attention to areas of the furniture where pieces come together.
  2. Sand the entire surface of the patio furniture using fine sandpaper. The rough surface created on the plastic patio furniture is needed to make the primer stick to the furniture.
  3. Use the brush to clean off the pieces of plastic removed with the sandpaper. The new paint won’t stick to the furniture in the places where the plastic debris isn’t cleared.
  4. Apply a smooth coat of primer designed for plastic. An adhesive based primer works best on plastic.
  5. Allow the primer to dry overnight. The primer needs to be completely dry before you add paint to the outdoor patio furniture.
  6. Add a second coat of primer for added protection. Wait for the second coat of primer to dry completely. The second primer coat will provide a better surface for the final color to stick to.
  7. Paint the plastic patio furniture with a 100 percent acrylic exterior latex paint to protect the furniture against the elements. Apply the paint over the furniture in a smooth, even layer.
  8. Wait for the paint to dry and enjoy your just-like-new patio furniture.

How to Decorate a Two Story Family Room

Two-story family rooms are grand and impressive if you decorate them right.
Two-story family rooms—rooms with cathedral ceilings that are as high as second floor ceilings—have become quite common in recent years. While the expansive rooms are typically impressive, they do create decorating challenges, such as what to do with 16 foot windows or 20 (-plus) foot walls. Family rooms with high ceilings also echo and create acoustic problems that can be addressed with a few creative decorative items.


  1. Paint the walls, particularly the taller walls, in a warm color to accentuate the space while making it feel more welcome. Tan or brown shades are warm and neutral, so they work with almost any decor. Keep the trim and doors white to add contrast.
  2. Place your furniture in a way that works for the room. For example, create a conversation area by placing two sofas opposite from each other or in an “L” shape so both can see the TV, if there is one in this room.
  3. Hang curtains or drapes that cover expansive windows, which will help minimize the echoes and add warmth to the room. Most two story family rooms include a wall of windows or high windows and low windows. Use drapes that match the color, formality and style of the room’s decor. For example, brown, red and gold floral patterns could accent a more formal family room with the same tones and patterns found on the furniture. Simple hardware won’t detract from the curtains.
  4. Include an area rug that shares colors or designs with the drapes and pulls the whole room together. Adding a rug isn’t necessary if the room has wall-to-wall carpeting, although you can include a decorative rug if you desire. The rug will also help absorb sounds to minimize acoustic problems.
  5. Decorate the walls with mirrors, sconces and artwork. Most two story family rooms have a lot of empty wall space that can be utilized to show off some of your favorite things, or simply display items that make your family room feel more welcoming. If there is empty space above windows, hang a large decorative mirror. Large blank walls can hold a collection or arrangement of pictures or art, or one large piece of artwork.
  6. Accessorize the room with lamps, candles, family photos, plants, floral arrangements or other items that complement the room’s decor.

How to Fix Snags in Berber Carpet

Carpet Snags Look Ugly

Do you have a running snag (a long, loose but not broken thread) in your Berber carpet?
These ugly consequences of wear and tear can really bring down the whole look of your home. Pets can also cause snags.
But all hope is not lost; here’s how to fix it:


  1. Count the number of loops it will take to fill the run on both sides of
    the pulled strand. This is very important because if you under count you may ruin your Berber carpet. If you over count you may have to do this again. Double check, once you’ve counted the loops once.
  2. Count the curls in the yarn and cut it where it’ll provide the right
    amount of yarn for both sides of the run. The curls can run pretty tightly, again count carefully.
  3. Protect the surrounding area of carpet with masking tape. Make a tight seal.
  4. Squeeze a heavy bead of carpet seam adhesive into the run. You can find these at Lowes or Home Depot in the United States. Any carpet store will have this.
  5. Use a nail punch to press each ‘scab’ (spot where the original adhesive clings to the yarn) down into the carpet’s backing until the re-established loop is at the correct height.

    Follow the illustration carefully.

    Try not to make a lot of mistakes or your Berber carpet will not look right and you will need to hire a professional.

    Don’t worry though, if you take you time and do this slowly it will be worth it and your Berber carpet will look like new again.

    Do As Shown!

Hiring Professional Window Installer for Houses

When it comes to replacing a window in Columbus, people have two options. First, they can do it alone. Another option is to hire a professional columbus windows service or installer. The second option is simpler. Why? People can rely on an expert to either replace or repair their windows. In order to ensure that their windows are beautiful and efficient, they must hire a professional window installer. It’s an important factor to consider.

Why Do People Need It?

As a matter of fact, the best quality windows will fail if they are poorly installed. It’s because an improper installation can lead to cooled air and heat loss. Not to mention it causes cracked joints. Plus it may cause pests and elements exposure. In some cases, improperly installed windows promote moisture inside the house. It may cause severe damages to both the structure of the home and the windows.

Professional installers have the expertise in this industry. They know how to install windows in homes regardless of styles, sizes, and shapes. That means they are confident in their ability to perform an amazing installation. Plus, they offer a warranty on their work. They will deliver the performance and beauty people are looking for their home. Homeowners only need to find the best installer on their region. If not, they can look for available installers on the internet.

Finding the Right Installer

First of all, people must inspect installers’ certification. It’s because not all companies are certified and trained for their products. Using a certified contractor can prevent unwanted liabilities in the future. Professional installers make sure their customers’ satisfaction. That means people need to conduct due diligence before hiring. If necessary, they need to check other qualifications such as BBB and testimonials. Not to mention they must ask for the address and full name of the contractor.

Overall, customers need to know what to expect. Professional installers must provide details about how long the job is. It’s good to know about the process so people can avoid future disappointment. Good contractors focus on details. They provide specifics for the customers regarding the type, brand, features, and brand of the windows. This way, people know what to expect from the project.

Calling in a Professional Plumbing Service

Just because we have a big and luxury house doesn’t mean people are free from problems. For example, there are plumbing problems they can’t handle on their own. These are too big to tackle in fact. Many plumbing cases in Phoenix happen due to owners’ ignorance. In this case, hiring plumbers Phoenix is the only solution. Most problems become worse because they are too late to handle. So, what do people need to notice when they need to call a professional help? Also, it’s important to choose only an experienced plumbing service. Below is the information people should know about these issues.

1Recognizing the Signs

The first sign is the faucet malfunction. Problems may occur when the faucet keeps dripping. Many people live with a dripping faucet. They consider it as a minor issue. In the end, they do nothing about such slight leak. However, ignored dripping faucet can lead to lots of wasted water. According to expert, 4,000 gallons of water are wasted per year due to 1 drip / second of faucet leak. It becomes worse over time as the leak can lead bigger plumbing problems. It’s true that people can try fixing the leak alone. Still, the result is better if they call an expert.

People should call plumbers Phoenix when their bathtub won’t drain. A clog is a common issue in the bathroom. It should be done immediately. If left untreated, it worsens as time goes by. The worst is people will get standing water in their tub. Calling a professional plumber can eradicate the obstruction. Plus, people can save their effort and time by dealing with the problem as early as possible. When the tub starts draining slowly, it’s a clear warning to call in a professional. Hiring a plumber helps prevent worse problems such as a full clog.

Improper flow of water also becomes a significant sign of trouble. Inconsistent and poor water pressure can be quite troublesome if left untreated. Widespread water flow problem is the indicative of a big problem with the supply line. It’s wise to hire a plumber as he knows how to inspect and fix the issue. The aim is to restore the water pressure / flow to normal. Next, it’s the condition of the pipes. Winter can be harmful to the plumbing system. It’s a nightmare for the homeowner. Frozen pipes are a common issue that happens during such season. Calling a plumber prevents bursts and cracks on the pipes. Needless to say, cracked pipes extend to bigger water damage to the home.

The next sign to call in plumbers Phoenix is the clogged toilet. Sometimes, a plunger can help with this issue. If it won’t help, calling in a professional is the only option. Rather than damaging the porcelain by trying to deal with the clog alone, people should get help from an expert. Proper expertise and tools make the job easier and faster. So, people can learn these signs to call for a help sooner. Which plumber should they choose? There are many things to pay attention.

2Hiring the Best Plumber in Phoenix

License always becomes the first thing to inspect. Plumbers that operate without a license aren’t reliable. They need a valid license to run their business professionally. That means a license represents their practical experience and reliability. As important as license, there’s insurance. Good plumbers ensure both their work and employee. People get covered from damages and injuries during the inspection or repair. Experience is also important. Having years of experience shows their expertise. There is Sav On Plumbing that owns more than 30 years of experience in this industry. Needless to say, they are good in it.

They offer all types of plumbing services including inspection, leaks, repair, sewer clean out, etc. Not to mention they become one of the best plumbers Phoenix due to their warranty. People can rest assured when they work with a plumber that provides a guarantee. It’s either for the labor or parts. Overall, the customers can get reliability and security on repairs. There are many benefits of hiring professional plumbers. They understand how the things work. Rather than spending much time and effort to deal with plumbing issues alone, people must rely on the experts. Everything becomes simpler with their help.

Air Conditioning Service – A Compulsory Necessity

Many people consider that they don’t need air conditioning service. They avoid spending money on service fees. However, air conditioning Phoenix services will be beneficial in the long term. A regular HVAC maintenance can prevent unwanted damages or troubles throughout the year. A new air conditioner perhaps can run well for a year. Once it exceeds such amount of time, there are some unavoidable problems that may occur. Regardless the problem is, a professional HVAC company is required. Morehart AC is one of the best services in Phoenix. It’s actually a popular service in that region. The company will make sure customers’ air conditioning installed and repaired properly.

fifi 1The Importance of Air Conditioning Service

Now let’s discuss how vulnerable an HVAC system can be. AC units have several filters that work consistently to eradicate bacteria, dust, and germs in the air. That means these filters will get dirty over time. There are many reasons why people must clean them. It’s not only to ensure that they work well but also to make sure that those filters don’t get damaged severely. Terrible damages will make these items beyond repair. The one that can perform both professional repair and cleaning is air conditioning service. Replacing filters can be quite expensive. That’s why many people opt for a regular service or maintenance. This prevents problematic issues ahead.

The fact is that any part of the HVAC system deteriorates over time. Old air conditioning system won’t work as good as the new one. In order to retain its functionality, the owners should take care of their system. They must reduce the extent of depreciation of the machine. Professional air conditioning services are able to upkeep the performance of such system. People can rely on the help of these services.  With increasing energy bills, it’s quite imperative to reduce the excess power usage of air conditioning system. Unfortunately, it will cost more power as they turn older. Damaged HVAC system will be a liability for the household.

An air conditioning Phoenix service helps customers to save money in energy bills throughout the year. What about the cost of the service? Well, they shouldn’t worry about it. A reliable service offers a reasonable price. That means people won’t spend lots of cash to get this kind of service. Most of the customers hire an expert to deal with cleanliness issues of their air conditioners. All parts of the system get dirty as the time goes by. It will be difficult to clean these parts without the help of a professional.

fifi 2Learning Important Aspects of Air Conditioning

As the owner of an HVAC system, people must learn several aspects of the air conditioning. First of all, there’s an installation part. They can find different types of air-conditioners on the market. The installation procedure will be different from one to the others. The next important aspect is the maintenance. The machines require a regular maintenance to prevent damages or unwanted issues. It will be difficult to clean all parts of the machines. That’s why people need to hire the expert to clean them. What about a damaged air conditioning system? It can be repaired by the expert easily.

The standards will be different among professional air conditioning services. The best company provides thorough air conditioning service for different purposes including residential and commercial HVAC systems. They will take care of the installation procedure well. An accurate and careful installation is required for the best performance. Professional HVAC companies can install the system safely to electrical sources. It’s because they have recognized the risk of the system for children. Improper installation will put the safety of the kids at stake.

Professional air conditioning Phoenix services also take care of the repairs. The system may deteriorate over time. Damages are quite unavoidable. A proper repair and replacement will be required. Not to mention there’s a maintenance issue.  The company will perform a regular maintenance for their customers. They ensure the appliances are well-maintained and clean. As the result, the system becomes more durable and efficient. Some people may ignore the importance of air conditioning services. In the end, they get disappointed with the upcoming issues such as damages, downgrade, and others. The worse become worst when they must spend lots of cash to deal with those issues.

Benefits of Having a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are less popular than the typical pitched roof, but they are actually full of advantages. The benefits of having a flat roof are actually very helpful and practical, so it is worth considering for your house. Flat roofs have usually been avoided because they tend to collect water and therefore lead to leaks and unsafe ceilings. These problems, however, have been addressed in recent advancements in roofing, including better available materials as well as inclined roofs to allow runoff.

  1. The Costs of a Flat Roof

A flat roof is definitely less expensive than a pitched roof. From the construction of the roof until its maintenance, a flat roof is definitely recommended when it comes to costs. A flat roof will require fewer expenses regarding the type and quantity of materials necessary.

Another aspect that contributes to the lower payment would be the quick replacement of any broken or old flat roof. The maintenance and even replacement of having a flat roof can also be done very quickly, sometimes in less than 24 hours.

  1. The Materials of a Flat Roof

Flat roofs don’t need stronger or wider foundations because they bear less weight. This means that the building’s materials can be more lightweight and less expensive if possible. The materials are usually traditional roofing materials such as gravel and asphalt. However, recent advancements have been created to make roofs more advantageous to those living underneath. Some materials give the homeowners a number of decades before the roof needs any replacement. Other material combinations offer both strength and UV protection for the building residents.

  1. Designing a Flat Roof

A flat roof is easier to design construction-wise. It only requires a flat ceiling to help lift it effectively up from the house. In this way, only a few horizontal bases are required as opposed to creating an entirely separate base from the existing ceiling of the building. All that is left would be to cover the upper side with a waterproof membrane. Some flat roofs can be inclined to a certain degree to lessen the possibilities of water being left on top of the roof.

A flat roof offers various benefits that all lead to a strong and usable home similar to a pitched roof. It requires fewer finances and even offers different types of materials for the owner to choose from which can be maintained and replaced hastily.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractors for roofing Columbia, MO has to offer.

What to Do When You Have Algae or Moss on Your Roof

Have you ever taken a look at your roof and noticed a slight green coating on it? Maybe you saw some sort of plant-like growth on the shady parts of your roof? If yes, then you have moss or algae growing on your roof and you need to deal with them as soon as possible.

What can moss and algae do to your roof? When allowed to thicken and spread, moss can trap in moisture as their roots grab onto your shingles. This speeds up the deterioration and rotting of the affected parts of your roof, which could cause further irreversible and costly damages. Algae, on the other hand, is not as harmful as moss, but it can be a real eye sore and their presence would make your roof look bad.

So, what should you do once you see mold and algae on your roof? Here are some tips on how to deal with them and how to prevent their growth in the future.

How to Deal with Moss on Your Roof

Because moss is lodged on your roof through their roots, trying to scrape it off right away or using high-pressure water to wash them off would only damage your roofing materials. What you need to do is kill the moss first before removing it.

  • Killing the moss

Moss proliferates at PH level 4, and anything higher or lower than that would kill it. The cleaning compounds in the market may be effective in killing moss because of their acidic chemicals, but they can also corrode your shingles’s coating and other roofing materials. The best way to kill moss is to lower your roof’s PH level instead. To do this, simply combine water with any one of the following substances: baking soda, salt, bleach, soap or baking powder. Cover the moss with this mixture to effectively kill it.

  • Removing the moss

Once the moss is killed, you can carefully scrape it off using a scrub brush. Make sure to use downward and gentle motions while scrubbing to avoid damaging the seals and coating of your shingles. After removing the moss, check the condition of the roof and assess if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Preventing moss growth

Removing the moss off you roof is just the first step. You have to take necessary precautions to make sure it does not come back again. One way to prevent moss from growing on your roof is to place zinc or copper metal strips on the peak of your roof. These metallic elements coat the roof when it rains, keeping moss from growing on the shingles. Since moss thrives in wet and dark areas, make sure to cut trees or foliage that overhangs above the roof because their shades are the perfect breeding ground for moss.

How to Deal with Algae on Your Roof

It was mentioned earlier that algae cannot do as much damage to your roof as moss can, but it could cause discoloration and leave black marks behind. Dealing with an algae problem is easier and much simpler because algae do not have roots and grows only on the surface.

  • Removing the algae

First, mix a gallon if water with 1 quart of bleach and 1 quart of trisodium phosphate. Put the solution in a pump sprayer and coat the algae affected areas with it. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with water using a garden hose. Make sure you don’t use high pressure as it can damage the roof. If the stain persists, just scrub it off with a soft brush.

  • Preventing algae growth

Just like with moss, algae infestation can be prevented using copper or zinc strips on the roof’s ridges. You can also replace your shingles with algae resistant ones as they have the same effect as the metal strips. Also, keep your roof clean and free of debris to avoid algae growth.

If you are faced with algae or moss problem, it is best if you contact a professional roofer because they know how to deal with them properly and you can avoid damaging your roofing materials.

Written by Enrich Construction, the best service for roofing Columbia, MO has to offer.

Make Your Home Attractive By Replacing Windows

For every person, home is the ultimate place to lead a happy life therefore, while building one; they have different dreams with one aim i.e. to make their homes a comfortable, relaxing, peaceful and refreshing place to live in. So what does it take to execute them effectively? Yes, you have to pay extra attention on every stage, no matter how big or small the task is. Once it is built, you need to keep a regular check over their performance and if they maintenance or improvement is needed, you should immediately contact the experts to restore its performance. What about renovating your home? The first and foremost thing is to go with replacement windows through which, you can give a different look to your home than usual.


When it comes to renovating the home, replacing windows will be the most suitable option as it will create a new environment in the home. In this article, you will be able to understand how to renovate your home and what sort windows you should be contacting.

While searching for the replacement windows company, you will have to keep a few things in mind so as to be sure that results will be according to the expectations. First of all, you should identify the nature of problem and understand what sort of company you should be selecting. Just like you need strong foundation to make your home a trustworthy and strong home, it is important to evaluate your options and consider the right kind of replacement windows. For this, you will need to check the material design, style and most importantly, your surroundings because these things will ultimately lead you to the right direction.

Selecting the right type of windows means that they should be of high quality, energy efficient and performance oriented to understand how they will work for your homes. Ensuring quality will turn out to be effective when it comes to getting long-lasting benefits as the windows will work for a longer period of time and they will maintain internal temperature to make sure that your energy bills will remain at their minimum. However, if you have hired an inexperienced contractor or chosen a sub-standard material, you might end up with either replacing or repairing them. In order to avoid such problems, it’s recommended to take some time in understanding your needs and evaluating different companies to come up with the most suitable one.

Another worth mentioning thing is that you have to be sure that windows are not only intended to giving a new look to your home instead, they are also meant to regulate temperature along with providing protection to the inhabitants. So, in order to land on a good decision, you should be visiting to contact their experts and mutually decide on which way you should be going.

Reasons to Replace the Windows of Your Home

Windows are an integral part of all homes, and like every other element, a homeowner needs to pay attention to their upkeep. Regular maintenance can only extend their lives, but they wouldn’t last forever. Sometimes, a little repair is all they need. However, there are times when nothing except complete window replacement is the right solution.


Why do you need to replace the windows of your home? Here are a few of the reasons that make window replacement the ideal choice for a home. Check whether any of these matches your circumstances before you make the decision.

Poor condition: Windows, being part of the exterior portion of your home, have to endure the wrath of the elements the most. This results in continuous wear and tear. If the signs of deterioration are visible to the eye, it is best to get in touch with experts who can handle the window replacement Mississauga with ease and efficiency.

Improper ventilation: Stuck hinges, jammed slides, blocked panels – defective parts can make it difficult to open and close windows properly. As they are important to ensure that natural light and air enter the interiors, or stay out of it, this can be a problem with improperly fitted windows. If this is the situation, it’s time to install new windows.

Reduced energy efficiency: Are the energy bills increasing each day? If so, poorly fitted windows may be the problem. Without properly insulated and fitted windows, your home tends to lose heat in the winter and cool in the summer. This makes it necessary to crank up the air-conditioner and the heater, leading to wasted energy.

Piteous aesthetics: Chipped corners, cracked panels, peeled paint, and such other things can ruin the look of your home. If a repair job isn’t enough to fix them, it is time to call in the professionals to complete the window replacement Mississauga job. This becomes especially necessary if you are considering selling your house soon.

You would need to replace the old windows if you aren’t satisfied with their look or function.

Next question is – what do you consider before you choose new windows? Discuss the details of what you wish for with the experts from the Decide what materials to choose, whether vinyl windows would be the ideal option, and such other details. Let the professionals work their magic, and fit your home with the new windows.

What Makes A Garage Door Posh

The garage door isn’t something most people consider beyond wanting one that opens and shuts for them in the rain and keeps unwanted people out. They are becoming the new luxury and status symbols in many neighborhoods. Not because they have gone the way of the 80s with huge monograms and ridiculous baubles, but because designers are starting to recognize that posh is ubiquitous, and that includes the garage door design.

The Doors Make the House

It has been a long standard for designers and architects to take care with how the main entrance of the home looked, and even some of the side doors but the garage door was an afterthought. Garages were mostly hidden from view on estates, places where the chauffeurs might have a small apartment above and an entirely separate and less posh lifestyle than their owners. As more and more of the wealthy live off estates and in urban areas, posh garage doors have become more common as the garage is incorporated in the front and center view of the home.

What Makes Garage Doors Expensive

Companies like Texas Overhead Doors would tell you that the core cost of garage doors lies in the material it is made of, with a steel inner bracing and shield that makes it almost as impenetrable as a bank vault. The combination of wood and metal has become popular as the wood gives a rich and established feel to the door. Many of the “poshest” doors look they have been lifted off carriage house and hide their inner skeleton of high security well. Also, there has been a return to the desire for windows in a garage door. Not the old fashion rectangles of glass from yesteryear whose sole purpose was to let some light in, but beautifully framed glass that adds to the outer design of the door. Garages have not only become more high tech, they have become more a part of the activity of the house with many people housing hobby mechanic shops inside. It is though, the need to continue the design of the house with the appearance of the overhead garage door, has changed their expense.

Not all doors are alike

The range of expensive garage doors exceeds the standard foldable door or straight swing door to doors that open sideways, open in a split front, retract into walls and automatically recede into ceilings. Half of the expense comes from the mounting of the equipment needed to open the doors silently and efficiently. Surprisingly, the most posh garage doors are not automatic at all. In a strange reversal of convenience, it has become more of a status symbol to have to go manually pull open your garage door rather than hit a button from the inside of the car. These are usually heavy, carriage style doors with inlaid wrought iron framed windows. Why would someone see this as luxury? Think about it. To climb out in the rain to pull open the door means you are the master of your time and space, and necessity and efficiency are not required so you can live by a schedule set by someone else.


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Why Good Design is in the Details

What makes the difference between a nice house and a great one? Good design isn’t necessarily about ostentatious displays and expensive pieces; small, intricate details can transform even the most boring of rooms. Giving a new face to your old home without spending too much and with minimum effort is always possible, if you’re ready to think outside the box.

You Simply Need Space

Have you ever wondered what makes a room look fresh and inviting? Most of the time, it’s the feeling that you can move around freely inside. Furniture is great and obviously useful, unless it’s pushing you out of your house. If you feel like there’s hardly any breathing space in your home, then it’s time for adjustments. Give up on some old furniture, especially if you haven’t made any change since graduation. Find a cabinet builder and order some new pieces, specially made to fit your rooms. This is going to be the best money spent on your way towards a new home.

New Colors Can Mean a New Life

With small steps and a drop of imagination, you can work miracles inside your home and change it into the space you’ve always dreamt about. Color your walls according to your taste and you’ll see how simple paint can change the entire design of your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors if they better express who you are. However, try not to exaggerate with breaking the rules. Pay attention to matching your walls with the rest of the room, either repainting your furniture or going for a neutral cabinet design that fits a wide range of colors.

Original Curtains Are Chic

Classy curtains can revive any room, as long as they don’t keep out the natural light. Choose warm or pastel colors, to create intimacy and to make the room feel larger. Curtains are generally made of light fabrics, or even transparent ones, but don’t be afraid of patterns; just make sure they match the theme you’ve chosen for your room. To save some money, order the curtains online or make them yourself.

Adopt a few plants

The shades of green are ideal if you want to bring some life into your home. Plants are great to decorate any part of the house, from the living room to the kitchen and dining area. They’ll add a new dimension to your home, as well as have benefits over your wellbeing. If you’re a busy person, buy plants that require minimal attention, such as English Ivy, Split-Leaf Philodendron, Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily, or Cast Iron Plant.

It’s not difficult to rethink your home, when you start focusing on the smaller things. A colored wall in your living room, some fun curtains in your bedroom, and a new cabinet in your kitchen can reshape the entire home and turn your old place into an oasis of relaxation and comfort.

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Cabin Decor- Why is it important?

Rural decor is relentlessly picking up prominence lately. There are various outline components that go into this curious and simple to actualize style. Whether you’re simply beginning in breathing life into a rural cabin decor topic, or, if you’re expanding on a current topic, there are a couple of components to consider. Decorating a natural cabin can be a fun and compensating background. Cabin place rustic cabin decor is spots to put your feet up and unwind. Your getaway ought to mirror that inclination. A decent approach to do this is to choose things that you won’t need to stress over getting beat up. Collectibles offer an awesome look and have effectively taken years of utilization and misuse. The words cabin decor infer a hardly decorated room created from wood, regularly with uncovered bars, a chimney, and hints of snow followed in from the outside, where there is only snow secured trees for about to the extent the eye can see.

The Cabin Style:

Long winter night nestled into front of the chimney with a friend or family member, that sentiment natural however generous smells wafting from the numerous cabins have log insides, post and pillar development or highlight tongue and notch pine framing. This leaves a beautiful rich feel, however might abandon you longing to include shading. Cabin style divider decor deals with this pleasantly. Continuously stay away from over-organizing, as you may with another style. Everything must look hand-made, home spun and convey blurred hues.

The different Types:

If you pick a lounge room floor covering with a bear or moose print, you might need to choose a straightforward example or strong shading for your upholstered furniture. A twisted floor covering or mat with a basic outskirt welcomes more innovative choices for your lounge furniture. Hickory couches and adore seats with cabin style fabric are a characteristic fit. The dividers and inside spaces of a home decked out in the cabin’s best style incorporate divider decorations that are mellow and overcome. A few dividers are liable to be dedicated to vast inside decorations or fascinating covers and sew. Different dividers may be saved for their basic gritty outline and can loan to the decor best if left uncovered.

The Utility:

Another variety of the provincial cabin decor is a grittier heading. Sand hues, gold, terracotta and complimentary recolored wood furniture make up the palette in this configuration decision. Provincial lighting can truly set the tone. A prominent decision for crystal fixtures is prong. Deer, moose and elk shed their prongs occasionally, so if you are worried about creatures being hurt to make these works, ensure you select an organization that uses actually shed or gum horns. At the point when settling on your fundamental cabin decor recollect that convention can mix well with the current. You don’t need to tear down your dividers and supplant every one of them with exposed wood. Demonstrating some wood will positively add to the feeling, however it can be all around mixed with some textured dividers, and consistent hardwood floors.

Home extension tutorial for newbies

Things You Should Know When Planning Home Extension

Do you wish your living room was a little bigger? Or, are you in need of an extra room? Buying and relocating to another property is not only expensive, but it is also a hassle. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of relocation, you can simply opt for home extension. The concept of adding more space to the existing house has become quite popular these days. However, a lot of people go about home extension projects without doing proper research on it. There are a number of factors that you need to consider including the law, design, planning and construction. A callous mistake can end up costing you a great deal of money. So, it is better to take well thought-out decisions.

The “Right to Light” is actually in the law:

Before executing any plans, make sure they are not interfering with your neighbor’s property in any way. Your neighbor can try to jeopardize your plans by claiming that they have the legal right to getting sunlight to one or more windows of their house. If you did not know, such a thing as the “right to light” does exist. This right can be established through prescription after 20 years. However, it is relevant only in limited circumstances. The right to light is basically a kind of easement that can override planning permission and permitted development rights. So, you need to be careful so that such a situation does not arise.

Through rooms is a bad idea:

Figuring out the most practical and efficient way of accessing an extension is one of the greatest challenges you will face when making plans. The rule is that you should never sacrifice more than you can gain. For example, if you are planning to slice up a sizeable bedroom to gain access to the extension, make sure you get another room of the same size as a result of it. Otherwise, it would just be a loss. Moreover, using one room to access extension is a bad idea unless it is a large room and the furniture items are carefully arranged. These rooms almost always end up being corridors or storage units.

In order to maintain healthy function of the house, you would have to make sure there is enough circulation space. You need to make sure the extension makes your house more livable and allows you to make best use of the space. This could mean that you have to rethink the function of each room before beginning the extension project. The principle rooms of the house, mainly the kitchen, living room and dining space must be accessible directly through the main hallway.

If you have a considerably small house, you may not have enough space for a separate hallway. In that case, you should at least try to get an enclosed porch or a small lobby to create a bit of privacy or else anyone at the front door will be able to see everything that is going on inside the house.

Interesting Things You May Not Know about Your Tape Measure

Tape measures belong in every tool belt, every tool chest, and every garage. They’re an extremely useful utility for measuring out distances, which is an important part of any personal project or construction endeavour. Whether you’re working on a professional job or are just working on a personal hobby, you’re eventually going to need a reliable tape measure.

Stanley Tape Measure is one of the most well-known brands out there, and for good reason. The company has been making tools for decades, and they know what they’re doing. However, you may not know about a few features that tape measures made by many companies have. This article will show you some interesting and unique features of most tape measures you’ll find on the market today.

Your Tape Measure Has a Nail and Screw Grabber

Removing loose nails and screws can be simple if you have the right tool, but sometimes the hammer or screwdriver is not within reach. Fortunately, almost all modern tape measures have nail and screw grabbers built in. At the end of the tape, there’s generally a metal cap that keeps the tape from rolling all the way into the housing. Have you ever noticed the small slit in this cap and wondered why it’s there? The answer is that it was put there on purpose to help you remove loose nails and screws. Just hook the slit over the nail or screw and pull on the loose nail or screw and it should come out.

You Don’t Need a Pencil to Mark before Your Cut

Almost all use cases for tape measures involve using a sharp tool to cut a piece of wood. Under normal circumstances, you’d mark your cut with a pencil so that you know exactly where to run your blade. If you don’t have a pencil, how are you going to mark that piece of wood? Fortunately, there’s a tool built into your tape measure to help you mark your cut. At the end of the tape you’ll again find the metal cap, and you may notice that it’s serrated. If you place this on the wood and press down with just a little bit of force, a mark will be left so that you know where to make your cut.

Tape Measures Are Designed to Make Inside and Outside Measures

That little metal hook on the end of the tape measure moves around a little bit, but did you know that’s by design? Tape measures are precision instruments, and you need to be able to count on them to measure things with a very small margin of error. Most people believe that the tape measure is meant to be used only for outside measures where the metal piece hooks around the edge of something, but it can be used for inside measures as well. The metal hook moves in and out to make measuring accurate either way.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Is Harmful – How to Improve It

Outdoor atmosphere is related to pollution. This fact is true but you may be unaware that air inside your home and office is polluted 2 to 5 time’s more than outdoor atmosphere. Luckily, there are ways to enhance indoor air quality making the space lot healthier.

Causes of poor indoor quality

Today, homes are constructed airtight with an aim to attain energy efficiency but little ventilation can possibly trap pollutant inside allowing the toxins to mount up to a dangerous level.

Know the harmful indoor pollutants

There are three categories of dangerous indoor pollutants, which are capable to cause severe health issues.

Combustion pollutants – When burning materials like gas stoves, woodstoves, water heaters, space heaters, dryers, and fireplaces are not properly vented then the gases like nitrogen and carbon monoxide cannot escape the house.

Volatile organic compounds – Products like disinfectant supplies, paints, & varnishes, building materials, air fresheners, sealing caulks, vinyl, cosmetics and more are widely used in the house. These organic chemicals either in solid or liquid form release gases.

Allergy & asthma triggers – Mold, pollen, mites, pet dander, and secondhand smoke are common household triggers that cause allergies. Contaminants even get circulated through unclean air ducts.

How air duct cleaning helps?

  • The accumulated debris and dust gets eliminated, which reduces health risk caused due to contaminated air
  • With clean air ducts there is no transfer of pollutants around the house
  • Energy costs gets reduced significantly because the HVAC system works very efficiently

Professionals from air conditioning San Diego are skilled in addressing issues related to indoor air quality. The air ducts cleaned professionally will help to enhance personal health, lower utility bills, maintain HVAC performance, and thus create an environment that is clean for breathing.

Take measures to reduce exposure

Incorporate simple habits like –

  • Open the windows, especially when you cook, paint or clean switch on the exhaust fan
  • Clean or replace filters in the HVAC, vacuum and air purifier
  • Adjust humidity level in accordance to moisture gauge, so that the survival of mildew, mold and dust mites becomes negligible
  • Stay clear from artificial air fresheners and opt for natural homemade products
  • Plant green plants, especially those meant to improve indoor air quality
  • Regularly groom your pets
  • Avoid smoking inside the house

Tips to enhance indoor air quality

  • Use non-toxic and eco-friendly supplies and cleaners
  • Invest in a strong suction vacuum including a high quality filter to trap small dust particles and allergens
  • With a microfiber dust wipe the windows and doors manually. Regularly wash the curtains
  • Vacuum the carpet edges , walls and upholstered furniture, once a week
  • Mattress and pillow in the bedroom has to be of good quality. Avoid using carpet in the bedroom. Wash bed sheets and blankets often
  • Keep the shower clean to prevent the growth of mold

Home owners must make a habit of cleaning their indoors regularly, as well have their central HVAC system professionally inspected to maintain the quality of air inside the house.

How To Understand Whether the Garage Door Needs Repair or Not

Garage is the only place that is considered as the safest way of taking care of your automobiles. However, if the door of the garage breaks down then it might become difficult for you to park your vehicles inside, since it is just like parking your automobiles on the street. Hence, act fast if the garage door starts showing some symptoms of damage or problems.

How to Find the Garage Door Problems

Just like any other electronic goods, automobiles, etc, garage door also starts causing problems in their regular working movements, so as to get your attention. When you notice anything other than the normal movements of the door, it is understood that it requires repairing and maintenance.

When the Support Panels Go Out of Shape

The panels that help with easy movement of the door will become damaged or even dented, if your vehicles accidentally collide against them. Even if they do not show any sign of problems in the beginning, the constant usage of the door might enhance the severity of the damage. When this happens, you can notice the change or damage in the movement and also in the appearance of the door.

Hiring an expert to correct the mistake will not only get the problem rectified as early as possible, but will also saves you from spending extra dollars in the future.

Decay or Internal Damage in the Material Used in Designing the Door

The garage doors are usually manufactured using wood as the basic material. Even after you take care of it, by painting it or even using right type of primers to insulate it, it is more prone to decaying or even rotting from changing climatic conditions. The decay or damage might occur sooner if the door has holes, cracks or other such damages through which rain water or snowflakes can enter into its inner layer.

The only way to safeguard the garage door is by making sure that there are no damages or cracks in the design. If you find any, then hire the professional garage door services from your locality as early as possible.

Hearing Clicks and Whirls

After years of continuous usage of garage doors, the materials that are used while designing and installing them become worn-out. Once the hold weakens, you will start hearing the noise such as whirls and clicks, when you open or close the garage door. It is the signal that the door has some minor issues.

If prolonged, then the hinges and screws might start giving away resulting in either slow movement of the door or with amplification in the sound. The door might even collapse if the condition becomes severe. Hence, make sure to take care of the issue right away, if you start hearing any noise that was never there before.

Most of the times, you can try and rectify the mistake by replacing the bolts, hinges, tracks, cable lines, etc. However, if the condition of the garage door is worse, then the most suggested way of taking care of the problem is by replacing or even upgrading the whole system. You can find many services that can upgrade or even repair a garage door in San Diego.

Live Easy and Solve All Water Issues with Sump Pump

Sump pump is best for those who are facing wet basements. This can be beneath the floor or above it. Its main work is to pump out the water that gets collected in the sump basin and throw it outdoors. You should try fixing the water issues before getting the sump pump installed. Also, if you are sure to go for a sump pump acquire one with the alarm, so that you are alert about the water levels.

Battery backup is another smart feature that functions even during power outage. To ensure that the water does not flow back into the basement, test your sump pump regularly for best check valve functioning. A few things to keep in mind regarding sump pumps are –

  • Firstly, buy a house that does not flood. If in case, there are water issues, you can solve them in different ways. Next in case you need to purchase a sump pump, acquire an ideal one.
  • If your house is at the basement, you may face dampness in summer. This can be handled by a dehumidifier.
  • Avoid looking at houses in the basements. There might be chances of wet basement causing problems of rot, rust and unhealthy air.

About sump pumps

Sump pump is a domestic appliance. It is beneficial when your house fills in with water during heavy rains. It removes the accumulated water in the sump basin, which is at the basement. Thus, your house becomes safe from water problems. There will be no water spilling and damage. To get an ultimate sump pump visit our website.

Need for sump pump

  • If you are living in a house where water tables are high, you should choose a sump pump.
  • Areas with heavy floods should choose these pumps.
  • For houses with drainage issues and basement wall construction problems

Maintenance of sump pumps –

  • Ensure power cord is connected to power outlet
  • Get the efficiency test
  • Clean the pump’s inlet screen
  • Check pump’s all parts annually
  • Inspect the pump by removing it from the sump
  • See if the pump needs replacement depending on the model and use
  • Check owner’s manual for all instructions and maintenance
  • Clean the impeller, weep hole and pump trap

If you do not sustain your sump pump, there may be issues like malfunction, foul odor, damaging levels, clogged pump, extensive damage, etc.

Avoid basement flooding –

Installing and repairing gutters make a big advantage. Avoid making of pool decks, walkways towards your house to avoid gallons of water. Relleveling of slabs can drain away water from houses and can solve water issues.

Buying Sump Pump

Choosing a right sump pump –

  • It should be submersible. This reduces noise and stops debris from falling.
  • Buy cast iron core pump, this dissipates heat and lengthens its life.
  • Ensure the pump has no screen design so that there is no clogging
  • Choose a pump with mechanical switch

Secondary or Backup Sump Pumps

Secondary pump besides the first is ideal especially at the basement. Back up pump can take over if your chief pump fails. For extra assurance, a battery operated pump can work. It can work until two days in case of storm or power cutoff. There are even pump packages available at reasonable prices, so you just need to choose wisely.


Natural Gas vs Heating Oil

When it comes time to heat your home, you probably know how expensive that can be. As autumn turns into winter, you know that the temperatures begin dropping rapidly. That means you need to find some way to keep your house warm. When you’re deciding how to keep the house warm, your first concern probably involves how effective this solution is. It doesn’t make much sense, after all, to pay for a certain heating solution if it isn’t terribly effective. Once you have determined which system is most effective, you probably then look into which one is going to cost the most. You want to spend the least amount of money to get the most amount of heat. That’s pretty much the balance with every product you buy. So, your options are going to be limited by your budget, your needs, and your municipality.


Okay, so first you look into which system is most efficient. Which one heats the house most effectively? That’s going to differ a little bit depending on the size of your home or flat, but it’s pretty much universal. According to a study in the United States conducted by the Federal Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. citizen who uses natural gas, spends about $732 each winter. That’s about £474 per winter. When compared with heating oil, another popular option for those who don’t want to drain more power from their electrical grid, there’s no competition. The average U.S. citizen heating his or her home with heating oil spent about $2,535 (£1650) per winter. Obviously, those prices are going to be different in the UK, but the fact remains the same. Heating oil is about three times as expensive as natural gas.

Also, the price of natural gas is much more stable throughout the world. That is because many very stable countries tend to supply natural gas to the world, whereas the countries supplying liquid petroleum products are not always as stable. Over the course of two years, the cost of home heating oil has risen from around £1100 to £1650 per season. That’s because OPEC countries in the Middle East were tossed into turmoil that made their export volumes uncertain.

The price of oil has been increasing and has become increasingly volatile over the years, whereas the price for gas has remained fairly steady. Much of the natural gas consumed around the world is produced in the United States, which is a remarkably stable country.

However, natural gas is not completely without its cost considerations. If you are building your house or you are looking to reduce your impact on the electrical grid, you might be looking at natural gas for your home heating needs. Natural gas pipelines come from a central location in your municipality. So, that’s going to be your first consideration: are you even eligible for natural gas in your town? If you’re not, then you might need to look into LP gas or home heating oil. Once you’ve established that your municipality does provide natural gas, you need to start pricing it.

The cost of installing a natural gas pipeline in your house is fairly high; the municipality where you live has to run a pipeline to your house and connect it to a central branch of the main system. Then they have to inspect it. Once it’s all installed, you have to install the gas boiler itself and hook it to the main pipeline. Then, you’re finally ready to go. That can be a very expensive procedure. A home heating oil system, however, is fairly self-contained. It’s a heating oil furnace that you set up in your house, but it doesn’t actually require any sort of external connection to the town’s main supply. That’s why heating oil is so popular throughout rural areas that might not even have natural gas pipelines.

However, research has shown that you will pay back the installation costs of a natural gas system within a few years. The price of natural gas is so much cheaper that after a few years, you’ll start saving money.

The other consideration is servicing. These are both devices that burn fuel, so they have to be closely maintained and highly regulated. Home heating oil is a fairly dirty fuel, which means your furnace needs to be cleaned and repaired fairly regularly. You also have to have the system recharged after it has been sitting for a season; so, every winter you need to have it serviced. A gas boiler needs to be serviced as well; if you are renting your home, the law says that your landlord has to make sure the boiler is serviced once a year. There’s no law saying you have to service the boiler in your private home, but it’s probably a good idea to get it serviced once a year.

Getting access to a gas boiler service in Edinburgh is surprisingly inexpensive and simple. Natural gas boilers are fairly simple devices that burn a very clean-burning fuel, so they do not need to be serviced as extensively. Speaking of clean-burning fuel, that is another consideration you’ll have to make.


The environmental impact of your fuel is going to be important now and in the future. Each individual person and his or her home heating system will not have a very big impact on the environment. After all, you’re only one person and, in the grand scheme of things, you aren’t burning that much fuel. However, there are seven billion (and counting) human beings on the planet. When you start multiplying your contribution to the environment by billions, you see how each individual person can contribute to massive ecological change.

One of the major pollutants that is threatening the planet is carbon. Carbon binds to oxygen to create carbon dioxide which traps gases and heat within the Earth’s atmosphere, causing the planet to warm up. When it comes to home heating oil versus natural gas, natural gas is the cleaner fuel. Burning natural gas emits far less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In fact, many studies have found that natural gas emits half the amount of carbon dioxide compared to emissions from heating oil. However, it does emit methane. Unburned methane is actually seventy percent more damaging than equivalent volumes of carbon. That’s another reason why it’s so important for you to get your boiler serviced regularly. You need to make sure that it is running in its absolute best condition. When the boiler is not combusting fuel and burning properly, you could risk allowing unburned methane to escape, which does a tiny little bit of damage to the environment. And when seven billion people are all doing a tiny little bit that becomes a great amount.


Typically, oil and gas efficiencies are measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). That efficiency is then measured according to the volume of gas, measured in gallons. In some circumstances, the gas is actually sold by its BTUs. For many people, the issue of efficiency is intrinsically tied up with the matter of cost. The heating fuel is only as effective as it is inexpensive. Well, the verdict is in, and natural gas is more efficient than heating oil in just about every way. Many customers around the world have found that they’re paying about 33% as much as they used to when they were using heating oil. After switching to natural gas, they’re finding that they are paying much less money and also cleaning their furnaces less often.

Many people have noticed that natural gas burns much more efficiently as well. So, even though natural gas is imbued with a strong smell which helps to indicate the presence of even minor leaks, it is not detectable if you walk into a basement containing a properly operating gas boiler. Since natural gas burns so completely, it does not give off the foul odours that heating oil does. In fact, you can only smell burning heating oil or any burning material because unburned portions of it enter the atmosphere. So the less you can smell, the more efficiently fuel is being burned.


When you’re looking to get your boiler serviced, you’ll find that gas is superior to heating oil simply because it is not as dirty when it burns. A cleaner system is much easier for technicians to service; that does not mean it’s easy to service, though. You cannot service the boiler yourself; that would be very unsafe. You should do your research and find a company in your area that sends out skilled technicians who will provide you with quality service at a good price.

If it’s your first time hiring a certain technician, you should do a little bit of investigation. You should see how long the company has been in business. If they have been in business for a while, then you can trust they are reliable. If they are a fairly new company, they might not have a track record that you can verify. When it comes to something as important as your source of heat and flammable gases, you cannot trust this to just anyone. You should rely on proven professionals with good records of quality service.

Productive Maintenance of gas channel lines

Heaters are accountable for keeping your home warm and you’re family open to in the midst of those crisp winter months. However when they break it is found that more every now and again that not, customers are OK with essentially allowing it to slide. Before breaking out the sweaters and spreads, believe the gas lines Cambridge that gives the best organizations at the right expenses.

One of the best things property holders can do to keep their warming and cooling units strong is to have ordinary preventive backing performed by a specialist pro as gas lines Cambridge. This should be done twice every year, once before the warming season and once before the cooling season and in the event that you do this you can have various preferences with respect to this.

In the midst of preventive backing, a specialist of gas lines Guelph will analyze and survey your unit and make any required change and repairs. Your yearly fall plan joins various things. Clean the channels, separate hoses, analyze the housetop. This year, check you add heater upkeep to the summary so you keep warm and agreeable in the midst of the cool winter.

Be Arranged

Having your heater examined often holds a couple of positive circumstances for home loan holders. The manager point of preference for you is being prepared for the coldest months of the winter and unexpected issues with your heater. Yearly organization upkeep with gas lines Guelph on a warming unit can uncover little issues before they end up being gigantic issues. A ways’ bit fall heater bolster sets you up for winter include:

  • Providing time to ask for new parts if any are required
  • Checking the efficiency of a radiator to confirm it can warm your home sufficiently all through the winter months
  • Allowing time to supplant another radiator if your old one has tolerated all the more encouraging times

You would lean toward not to be stood presented to the brutal components of reality — really — in the midst of winter while sitting tight a couple of days for another part to show up.


Another purpose of inclination of fall backing is the opportunity to check the adequacy of your heater. The greater part of them will continue going the length of 20 years or more if suitably kept up. Having an ensured master perform reliable upkeep on your radiator helps the structure to run more capably for additional. Cleaning, checking affiliations, lubing up moving parts and checking a system’s controls all help you’re with warming unit work at most compelling efficiency. These extras you money both on your administration bills and on excessive, preventable repairs.

Cut-off Repairs

Standard heater upkeep has a capacity to constrain the repairs over the life of a structure. Less repair mean your warming unit costs less to work. You also have the upside of staying open to in the midst of the winter rather than wretchedness through an extended heater repair. You should consider the best administrations in such manner, so on the off chance that you need to avoid the issues with respect to the heater then you must give it a go.


How to Determine the Cost of Different Kinds of Roofing


While a building or house is being constructed, builders are frequently asked to take into consideration the different prices that come with building, also the prices that will turn up when maintenance should be performed. One particular element of this calculation is roofing, the price of roofing does not just involve looking at the price of the initial material, however taking into account how much it will get to maintain that roofing Toronto stuff and make sure that it goes on longer.

Durability and Strength

Another aspect to keep in mind is different changes that need to be done in order for building or home to provide accommodation to the roof. A lot of people will choose a structure based on how it suitable building or house in terms of design or color, while builders will choose a roof derived from its durability and toughness.

Both of these considerations need to come together for better compromise that will make sure the reliability of a building or structure while making sure that it mixes together with the surrounding settings.

Variety of Roofing Materials

The top that we look on our houses and buildings is in fact the farthest part of the whole roofing Etobicoke building. This is frequently referred to as climate proofing structure, and it stands on variety of different structural posts or panels that make sure its strength and integrity.

Metal Roofing

Metals are also trendy these days, in spite of their relatively high price, metal structure can serve the most, particularly if the building or home on which they break will be maintained and utilized for more than two decades. A famous metal roof contains of corrugated iron, which is popular, and which can be less expensive for most nations due to their common use.

There are a lot of different materials that can be utilized for metal roofs. Galvanized material is one of inexpensive types of metal roofing Toronto; however it can rust very easily. The majority of galvanized steel materials are covered with zinc aluminum alloys that can look after the roof from extreme weather conditions. Copper and aluminum are also common metal roofing Etobicoke structures. They are particularly rust resistant and strong, even though they can be pretty costly. Steel roofs can also be fixed in a number of ways. A common way is to install the roof to building base that well makes the steel roof a part of home or building.



The thorough Warehouse Management System

From stock control, transporting and getting, to demand fulfilment, a Warehouse Management system (WMS) is basic to improving the efficiency of an association’s Warehouse operations.

Warehouse Management system offers appropriation focus organization programming packages that can be changed to fit the needs of associations of any size. By solidifying an appropriation focus organization structure with a remote system, flexible PCs, radio repeat ID development, and voice picking applications, they can help totally with extending your endeavour to the convenient pro, while growing operational efficiencies and enhancing your customer organization.

Complete Warehouse Management Software assistants streamline various components of your endeavour:

  • Receiving – Addition bits of information into shipments that have been passed on, however that are not yet at their last territory. Check things at low stock levels are sorted out and set away to begin with, reducing the impact of out-of-stocks and inefficient fulfilment shapes.
  • Put-Away – Know the zone of all stock on your racks. Course your workers to the right region, set up their picks in the best conceivable solicitation to minimize travel time, and grow the amount of solicitations they can pick each day.
  • Picking – Enhance goof fixing and effectiveness in the picking strategy. Masters get their singles out a mobile phone that courses them to the best conceivable territory. Sifting things when you pick them watches that the correct thing at the appropriate sum is picked.
  • Packing – Guarantee the exactness of each solicitation that is picked and deciding so as to diminish material costs the benefit measured transporting holder.
  • Shipping – See that each solicitation is suitably packaged and dispatched to the right destination and passed on the right date with Warehouse Management Software.

Yet presenting a full-scale dispersion focus organization system can be an unbalanced hypothesis, you will quickly see its value. After a dispersion focus organization structure has been up and running for only a few months, an extensive bit of their customers say that they can’t envision their operations without it. From fulfilling constant detectable quality into stock and demands, to decreasing the time it takes to receipt and get customer portions, a circulation focus organization system group extends flexibility to each pro in your Warehouse and sets you up to the best and helps you to take your business to most extreme statures and you doubtlessly will be fulfilled by the administrations just give it a go.

The focal points of having the Solar Panels

More enterprises are deciding to go sunlight based not just as a result of what they “give back” ecologically however for what they “get back” monetarily. Here are a portion of the numerous advantages of residential solar installers photovoltaic framework:


Alluring return for money invested


With fast payback, solid inward rates of return, and an anticipated income stream, residential solar installers can convey extraordinary long haul venture returns for organizations. Notwithstanding sensational diminishments in your organizations progressing power costs, as a rule, a business sun powered venture can produce incremental income, successfully making another benefit focus.


Advantage from Government


Elected, state and even neighborhood governments much of the time offer appealing discounts and motivators to urge organizations to put resources into solar panel installers. Compelling usage of accessible impetus projects can significantly diminish the forthright cost of sun powered while giving an anticipated long haul income stream.


Dispense with Vitality Cost Unpredictability


Power costs are exceedingly unpredictable and hard to anticipate. Truth is told, generally, the expense of power has expanded at compound yearly development rates in overabundance of 5%. By producing your own spotless power nearby with solar panel installers, you dispose of your organization’s presentation to such value instability.


Gaining the “Green” Name


Using power from sun powered force will bring about reduced utilization of energizes, along these lines decreasing nursery gas outflows and contamination. By utilizing this option source, any business or organization can express its investment in the fight against an Earth-wide temperature boost and can lessen the nation’s reliance on outside sources. Practicing environmental safety won’t just decrease operation costs yet will serve as an extraordinary PR and showcasing device. Having a naturally dependable picture is useful for any organization, as it can produce a positive reaction from buyers.


Advance Our Vitality Autonomy


Your association can take a stage to advance vitality autonomy by introducing a sun powered PV framework. The sun gives free vitality that we ought to be exploiting in a much bigger limit. At this time the U.S. is depending vigorously on outside hotspots for oil and gas. – You can help propel our vitality freedom by introducing a close planetary system at your business.


Sunlight based vitality frameworks from respectable sun oriented suppliers require basically no support and work with no clamor. Given the rooftop structure of numerous business structures, the entrance to them is simple. While individual sun based cells are delicate, they are encased in a very tempered and defensive glass case, which is surrounded by non-destructive aluminum. Since sun powered boards are presented to the components they are commonly extremely durable and fabricated to withstand downpour, hail and other climate related dangers. What’s more, the photovoltaic cells that makes up the board encounter next to no separate after some time, like PC chips. In like manner, most sun based makes offer a full guarantee over their sun powered boards for 20-25 years which implies that once you make the move to sun based, you will experience clean power for no less than 25 years from a framework that is pretty much as utilitarian and more dependable than standard utility power.

About Removing Junk

You not have acknowledged it yet, but rather there should be a noteworthy extension to make your room disarray free. It is quite critical to guarantee that you are observing the measure of junk in your home all the time with a specific end goal to guarantee that you are really making all the more breathing space for your family and yourself.

Dispose of that junk!

Superfluous things heaped up at your place make for a blemish as well as serves as the rearing ground for mosquitoes and bugs. Along these lines, verify that you are ringing a junk removal organization with a specific end goal to guarantee that the junk from your home (or office) is uprooted proficiently. Individuals for the most part need to get these organizations on board inferable from three essential components

1)            They themselves don’t have room schedule-wise to get rid of all the junk from their homes

2)            They are not totally mindful of the ecological standards overseeing the removal of junk

3)            They can’t deal with bigger and unsafe things like unused furniture or fastened wiring individually

The prevalence of expert junk removal

It is valid. The motivation behind why the junk hauler organizations have turned out to be so well known today is a direct result of the comfort offered by them. These organizations are mindful of the standards controlling the development of risky and non unsafe squanders. Additionally, they guarantee that if there is any recyclable or reusable thing in your junk then it is appropriately come back to you.

You will go over the name of various junk removal organizations once you begin looking over the web. In any case, you need to guarantee that you are just focusing in on the “right” organization. What’s more, the right’s attributes organization are said beneath:

  • The organization ought to preferably do administrations as per the natural standards
  • The rundown of things evacuated by the junk removal organization ought to coordinate with that of yours. There is no reason for reaching an organization on the off chance that it is not uprooting things which you need to get expelled from your home
  • The organization ought to offer administrations inside focused value sections

Research well

It is critical to guarantee that you are really investing an extensive time of energy in looking into on the organizations’ foundation before procuring them. On the off chance that you are really making utilization of the significant tips specified above then you will remain to advantage.

It would be ideal if you visit keeping in mind the end goal to get some answers concerning proficient junk haulers.

Embellishing Houses with Beautiful Fiberglass Pools

A swimming pool is an extraordinary expansion to you is home. It can serve such a large number of capacities in the meantime! You cannot just take a dive here on summer day, yet can likewise mastermind occurrence pool gatherings and welcome companions over to your place. Be that as it may, you ought to guarantee that you are really contributing a ton of thought while getting the pool introduced.

Getting some answers concerning the fiberglass pools

One of your obligations would be to look at the essential sorts of pools accessible. You can look over among changed sorts of pools including the customary solid pools, the vinyl pools and in addition the fiberglass pools. Give us a chance to let you know that the Oakville fiberglass pools have raised as exceptionally prevalent choices for present day property holders. Why? Give us a chance to investigate.

Why would it be a good idea for you to consider putting resources into these pools?

The Oakville fiberglass pools have different points of interest over the customary ones. They are exceptionally engaging. They pull in less green growth and mold than that of the conventional solid pools. Thusly, it ends up being light on your pocket—regarding the matter of support expenses.

The fiberglass pools can really be introduced inside of a brief timeframe (i.e. around 15 days) when contrasted with the conventional solid pools which take a couple of months to get finished.

There are a few makers of Toronto fiberglass pools in the business sector. It is imperative to guarantee that you are really focusing in on qualified experts in such manner. On the off chance that you are not practicing due judiciousness to pick a credentialed proficient then the whole pool introduced will end up being a misuse of cash. Thus, verify you are really depending on exploration while selecting the Toronto fiberglass pools makers. What precisely would you be able to do?

In what manner would it be advisable for you to lead your exploration as a client?

Make an inquiry or two. Connect with your trusted companions for proposals. Do they have swimming pools in their homes? The administrations of which makers did they profit? Could they prescribe any one to you? It is critical for you to direct fitting examination with a specific end goal to figure out the best maker around the local area. You can counsel different makers in the meantime. Attempt to think about the rates offered by diverse producers in the meantime and after that go ahead to settle for a choice. Trust the tips specified in this specific post will end up being of plentiful help for you. Good luck!

How to Reupholster Outdoor Furniture

Reupholster Outdoor Furniture
Taking the time to reupholster outdoor furniture instead of replacing it will save you money and give your patio a fresh, updated look. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a professional in order to turn out an excellent looking finished product. Read this article carefully, and you’ll be ready to tackle your reupholstering project with ease and success.


  1. Remove any cushions that aren’t attached or affixed to the furniture and set them aside. You can take the time to deal with these separately in the later steps, and it’s crucial that the furniture is stripped down to its fabric base without any covers or cushions lying on top of it. This will clear the way to remove the rest of the fabric without any obstructions.
  2. Carefully strip off all of the old material down to the bare frame. Use your utility knife to cut along the seams where the fabric is stitched, and take extra caution to make sure that you don’t slip and cut your hand. Try your best to preserve the integrity of each panel of fabric because it will make measuring for the new ones much easier. Depending upon how large your piece of furniture is this may take quite some time, and if you encounter any staples you can use the needle nose pliers to remove them.
  3. Take out all of the old padding and stuffing. Once you’ve removed all of the fabric you need to make sure to separate all of the old padding because it tends to get worn and flattened with time. If you are going through all of the work to reupholster your outdoor furniture it’s important that you replace the padding material as well. Make sure to leave it intact so that you can duplicate the measurements for your new padding.
  4. Separate the old fabric material into individual pieces. By doing this you will be able to take measurements of the old panels and also directly from the furniture itself to create your new fabric panels. Take your time measuring and make sure that you don’t forget to include or skip any sections of the furniture.
  5. Duplicate and transfer the measurements onto your new material. Working one section at a time, carefully outline your measurements on the new fabric making sure to be as accurate as possible. It’s ok if there is a little extra fabric that can be tucked under a seam, but if you come up short you’ll have to start over with a new fabric panel.
  6. Snip out all of the fabric panels for your furniture and lay them out according to their order of installation. This will help you to be organized and avoid getting mixed up when you begin sewing them back onto the furniture.
  7. Measure and cut out the new padding and stuffing pieces. After you’ve cut the new pieces, lay them down onto the furniture in position so that you can begin attaching the new fabric panels.
  8. Sew in the largest panels first. The middle and back of most furniture usually represents the largest pieces and it’s important to get these done first. This is because all of the small pieces depend upon these for reference lines and they will give you a good base to attach smaller supporting pieces.
  9. Attach and sew in the small panels next. These will go in fairly easy if you’ve done the large panels properly, just make sure that you go slow and pay attention to detail because problems and mistakes with the smaller panels will be much more obvious.
  10. Repeat the measuring and sewing process on the cushions and reinstall them on the furniture. You’ll need to remove the panels and measure the padding in the same way, so just apply steps two through nine to the process of reupholstering the cushions. Once they are done simply place them back on the newly reupholstered furniture where they belong in order to complete the project.

How to Repair Leather Furniture

It doesn’t take much to fix leather when you have the right repair kit, filler and dyes. Leather repair kits can work for rips, tears and puncture holes. To repair faded leather, simply redye it with the same color or use a new leather dye product in your chosen color. The type of damage determines whether you need to actually repair the leather or to condition it to remove small abrasions, scratches and fading. To repair cracks, clean and apply a filler before the dye and then apply the sealant.

Step 1: Clean the Area

Clean the area around the tear with an alkaline or Castile soap, and then rinse and thoroughly dry it.

Step 2: Cut a Patch

Cut out a patch that fits beneath the tear, and ensure that it spans the tear on all sides inside the hole. Trim away loose threads from the edges of the hole.

Step 3: Glue the Patch

Secure the patch and the leather by applying the adhesive or glue from the kit to the underside of the leather between the patch and the leather. Use the small tool that came with the kit to apply the glue. Press the leather against the patch to ensure the patch sticks to the glued underside.

Step 4: Heat It

Apply the heat from a hair dryer to the glued patch to help make it cure faster. You can also allow it to dry — at least 20 minutes or so — on its own.

Step 5: Add the Filler

Dab some of the filler onto the tool or palette knife included with the kit. Cover the patched hole — after it has dried — with the filler. Once the filler fills the gap in the leather where the tear was, remove the excess around the hole from the leather. To speed up the drying process, use a hair dryer for about 15 minutes before adding a second coat of filler to the tear.

Step 6: Color It

Mix the color to match the the leather furniture’s color, and then add it. Test the color on an inconspicuous area of the leather until you achieve the best color match. Dab the matched color onto the repair with a small foam sponge. Repeat as necessary until the patch is level with the rest of the leather on the furniture.

Step 7: Leather Finish

Apply the leather finish that comes with the kit over the newly repaired hole to seal the patch in place.

Wear, Peeling, Cracking and Color Fade

Peeling Furniture

Lightly tweeze peeling fragments on bi-cast — a polyurethane-type finish on cowhide — or bonded leather to remove loose fragments and bits. Clean the area with a leather cleaning product. Lightly sand the peeled area. Remove any lifted pieces caused by sanding with the tweezers. Use a sponge to rub the dye matched to the color of the leather furniture onto the peeled area. Let it dry to the touch before applying a second coat of color. You may need to add four coats of color before letting it dry and applying the sealing finish to the item. You can use a hair dryer to speed drying along.

Cracking Leather

Leather furniture rife with cracks requires you to clean, dry, lightly sand and apply a leather filler over all the cracks. Allow the leather cleaner to thoroughly soak into the furniture before wiping it clean with a damp, lint-free cloth. Let it dry overnight before proceeding, as the leather hide must be thoroughly dry in the cracked areas.

Lightly sand the cracked areas to create a surface the filler can bond to. Remove the dust and debris with a dampened cloth. Once the area is dry, apply the filler to the cracks, drying between coats until the area with the cracks is even with the rest of the leather. Apply the color-matched dye, in as many coats as needed. Let it dry, and apply the leather sealant finish.


  • The steps to repairing cracked leather are similar to repairing holes, but without using glue and patches.

Faded Leather

Simply clean faded leather using a leather cleaning product. Let it dry, and then cover it with a coat of dye — apply the dye to the entire surface of the leather furniture piece. Use the foam applicator, a sponge or a rag to apply the dye. Let it dry, as recommended by the product label, before applying the finish coat.

Italian Renaissance Interior Design

Intricate carvings embellished Italian Renaissance furniture pieces.
The design of the Italian Renaissance — which encompassed the centuries from approximately 1400 to 1600 — resembled the classical style of ancient Greece and Rome, but it was more than just a copy of their interiors. Artists and craftsmen drew inspiration from the classics to create their own furnishings, art and decorations. Many ideas about the home interiors of the Italian Renaissance come from the paintings done by artists during the period. These realistic works of art show the elegant furnishings and detailed decoration found in the spacious rooms of Renaissance Italy.

Heavy Furnishings

  • Massive and regal define the furnishings of the Italian Renaissance period. Four-poster beds, trestle tables and storage cabinets were imposing pieces of furniture that often anchored a room. The cassapanca, a twist on the traditional dowry chest, became a place to sit with the addition of a back piece and arms. Different chair styles also appeared, from the sedia, a boxy, throne-like armchair, to the savonarola, a curvy side chair with an X-shaped base. Many furniture pieces were made of rich walnut, which was then intricately carved with architectural details and village scenes.

Detailed Walls

  • Wall decoration in the Italian Renaissance provided color and texture in the room. Painting the walls with elaborate geometric patterns gave the appearance of wallpaper. Other techniques included trompe l’oeil — painting that looks like real objects — which added interest with its intricate details and realistic scenes. In addition to wall surfaces, the moldings on door frames, fireplace surrounds and other woodwork were thick and sculptural, adding to the grandeur of Renaissance interiors.

Ornamental Ceilings and Floors

  • Attention to detail continued on the floors and ceilings of Italian Renaissance rooms. Many floors were made of brick, tile or marble laid out in geometric patterns. Ceilings were high and ornamental, with beams frequently stretching across the room. The most decorated spaces featured deep, coffered ceilings, often with detailed carvings or paintings inside each ornamental square.

Lavish Textiles and Accessories

  • Adding to the opulence of Renaissance interiors, various textiles and decorative accessories were widely used. Tapestries, or embroidered wall hangings, often depicted important events in people’s lives, a prelude to modern-day picture walls. Draperies, bed linens and seat cushions helped soften the hard lines of the wooden furniture. Often made from silk, velvet and damask, these textiles also added more color and warmth. The deep reds, purples and greens were well-suited to the richly appointed rooms. Other decorative pieces found in most affluent interiors include musical instruments, sculptures and candlesticks. Each of these would feature the elaborate and detailed design found throughout Renaissance houses.

Styles of Furniture in the ’70s

Design innovation in the 1970s slowed down from the previous decade, but furniture designers continued to experiment with bright colors and industrial-style furniture. Italian designers were at the forefront of interior design and furniture manufacturing during the decade. The main focus of their work was on chairs and office furniture; both were revolutionized in the ’70s.


  • Frank Owen Gehry, a Canadian, is famous for his work as an architect, but between 1969 and 1973, he produced a revolutionary line of cardboard furniture called Easy Edges. The work of designer and architect Paolo Deganello had a big impact on furniture design in the 1970s, as did that of fellow Italian Ettore Sottsass. His work included design in glass, jewelry, and lighting, but during the 1970s he was a prominent figure in furniture design.


  • Chairs became a canvas in 1970s for designers to channel their creativity. Seating was reinvented. Made from tubular steel, the 1971 Omstak chair represents the high-tech design that was popular. The chair was made from epoxy-coated sheet steel, decorated in bright, striking colors and full of circular cutouts. The Easy Edge chair by Frank Owen Gehry was a chair like no other. With a base made up of curling cardboard, it looked more like a sculpture than a seat. Paolo Deganello developed a collapsible armchair called the AEO. Each part of the chair was designed to be perfectly suited to its individual task. The armchair 4794 was also introduced in 1975. This was made from rigid, expanded polyurethane plastic that had been softened to produce a curvy, simple design. Bean bag chairs were also common.

Office Furniture

  • Not much changed in home furniture during the 1970s, but office furniture was the focus of many radical designs. The Aluminum Group was a major player in office furniture design. The group’s designers, Charles Earners and Ray Eames, designed furniture for Herman Miller. Ettore Sottsass designed office furniture for the Olivetti company. The designer produced the Synthesis 45, a thick and vividly colored chair. The Support, by Fred Scott, was an office seat that would not be out of place in an office today. With an aluminum frame and cushioned seats, the chair was height adjustable and had wheels.

Color and Material

  • Colors such as beige, orange, chocolate and peach were popular in 1970s interior design, as were cream, gold and avocado. Chrome and polished steel were common materials. Wooden furniture in the home would have been either pine or Scandinavian teak.

Other Features

  • The interior design style of the 1970s had a high-tech, industrial feel. There were many geometric shapes in all kinds of furniture. Furniture was thick and chunky, and fiber optic lights were all the rage.

How to Space Wall Sconces in a Family Room

Sconces are decorative yet functional lights that mount on the wall. Family room lighting is important since this is the room where families spend much of their time together. The wall sconces have to provide adequate lighting for the room while adding a decorative element. Both factors deserve equal consideration, which can make this task a bit tricky. Considering other elements of the room as well as the activities that take place there can help.


  1. Take a broad overview of the family room. Determine where people may be reading, playing games or watching TV. Sconces should not go near the TV because they can take away from the brightness of the set and be distracting. Consider where you need brighter light. Also, take note of major architectural pieces in the family room, like a fireplace or nook.
  2. Consider how much light each sconce will emit. The wattage of the light bulb will play a part in this but so will the shape and opacity of the sconces’ shades. The brighter each sconce is, the farther apart you can space them.
  3. Decide if you would like to hang the sconces level or if you’d rather offset them a bit if you will hang them side by side. This is a design element you can choose, but note how your choice may impact the lighting. Try different configurations out by holding the sconces up to the wall and having a friend step back and tell you what looks best. When hanging sconces, consider the overall size of the wall. Larger and longer spaces can accommodate wider spacing between wall sconces.
  4. Hang low-light sconces on either side of architectural pieces you want to highlight. Light that is too bright will take away from these pieces. Again, spacing will depend upon the size of the wall and the size of the piece you are highlighting. You can hang wall sconces a little further out from the sides of a fireplace with a large mantle; in contrast, a smaller fireplace should have smaller sconces hung a little closer.
  5. Add wall sconces directly next to a table or reading chair. These parts of the family room benefit from bright, direct light, so hanging a pair of level wall sconces next to or above these areas will provide the necessary brightness. Take spacing cues from the size of the table or chair as well as the size of the sconces themselves. You can hang smaller sconces closer together.

How to Remove Dye From a Leather Sofa

Whether you sat on your light-colored leather couch wearing brand new dark denim jeans, or you accidentally spilled hair dye or ink on it, you now have a major stain you have to deal with. Before you call in professional cleaners that will charge you an arm and a leg, you may want to try some simple household remedies to remove the dye from leather. Treating the leather as quickly as possible is the key to successfully removing the stain.


  1. Squeeze toothpaste onto the stain, then scrub lightly with a soft bristled brush, then wipe off.
  2. Dab acetone-free nail polish remover onto ink dye stain with a cotton ball or wipe, and rub to remove the stain.
  3. Spray aerosol hairspray onto the stain and rub off with a damp cloth, rubbing until the stain starts to fade.
  4. Dip a rag into in a mixture of warm water and liquid dish soap. Then rub over the stain vigorously until it fades away.
  5. Use a leather cleaning product. There are some products made specifically for cleaning leather that you can try. Your best bet is to ask about leather cleaner at the place where you purchased your couch. This way you will be directed to the recommended leather cleaner for your type of leather couch.

How to Care for Italian Leather Living Room Furniture

Italian leather furniture is known for its beauty, its durability and its lasting value, but it is important for homeowners to care for that furniture the right way. From the way you arrange your new furniture in your home to how you clean up the inevitable skills, there are many important things to consider. By taking the time to learn about the unique care needs of Italian furniture you can make your sofas, chairs and other pieces last for many years.


  1. Position your sofa where it will not be in direct sunlight, especially if the furniture is dark in color Over time a black Italian leather sofa can fade to an unattractive gray, and even light colored leathers can deteriorate in the sun. Placing that expensive Italian leather living room furniture in direct sunlight is also an invitation to cracking and other damage.
  2. Use a soft towel to wipe off the entire surface of each piece of furniture. Dust and dirt can quickly accumulate, so it is important to perform this cleansing at least once a week. Each time you clean your home be sure to wipe off any accumulated dirt with a clean towel.
  3. Rub a quality leather protectant into the surface of the furniture. Once the leather protectant is in place the furniture will be better able to withstand common problems like water stains and spills. Of course it is still important to avoid spills and wipe up any spills that do occur before they have a chance to set in.
  4. Clean the furniture thoroughly with a damp cloth and some quality saddle soap. Dip the cloth into a mixture of saddle soap moistened with a bit of water; rub the cleanser into the surface of the leather. Pay careful attention to creases in the leather to provide extra cleaning and protection in these areas. By cleaning your delicate Italian leather sofa with saddle soap at least once a month you will be able to keep it looking like new while also keeping it protected.

How to Restore Resin Patio Furniture

Resin is a strong and durable material often used in the construction of patio furniture. This type of furniture tends to resemble plastic furniture in shape because, similarly to plastic, the resin is molded to create the pieces. However, leaving the patio furniture outside causes the pieces to look dingy and faded. Exposure to the sun fades darker colors, while environmental elements make white furniture look dingy and gray. Luckily, restoring the resin patio furniture makes the pieces look exactly like they did when you first brought them home.


  1. Brush off any leaves or debris on the surface of the furniture.
  2. Apply a thin layer of citrus-based cleaner to a soft cloth and wipe the cleaner all over the pieces. Rinse the cleaner away with your garden hose and then dry the pieces with paper towels.
  3. Wipe down the entire surface of the furniture with a damp paper towels. Rub the wet towels over the top and bottom of all of the furniture pieces to wipe away any ground-in dirt, stains left behind by spilled drinks and any other light stains.
  4. Mix nine parts water with one part bleach in a plastic bucket. Cover your hands with protective rubber gloves and then dip a sponge in the mixture. Wipe down white furniture with the bleach mixture to remove stains and dark spots. Let the pieces dry in the sun.
  5. Combine 1 tbsp. powdered detergent with 1 gallon warm water. Dip a scrub brush into the solution and then transfer the mixture to the resin furniture. Scrub the solution around the furniture, dipping the brush in the solution as needed to remove any debris trapped in the bristles. Rinse the furniture with fresh water.
  6. Cover any chips or imperfections in the piece with alkyd-resin paint. If cleaning the furniture fails to restore it to its original appearance, apply a fresh coat of paint. The paint adheres to the furniture and protects it from the outside elements.

How to Clean Resin Patio Furniture

What makes resin such a great material for patio furniture? The technical answer is that it’s a nonvolatile substance resulting from simple-molecular polymerization. The practical answer is that it’s inexpensive, durable and easy to clean. Here are some tips to keep your resin patio furniture looking fresh and new.


  1. Rub auto paste wax on new resin furniture to keep off dust and dirt. When necessary, wash your furniture with a hose, rub down with soapy water and rinse. As an alternative, hose down, apply a paste of baking soda and water and rinse.
  2. For dirtier furniture, rub on a mixture of water, bleach and detergent (about a gallon of warm water, a cup of bleach and a few good squeezes of dishwashing soap). Let sit at least 10 minutes, and rinse off. Reapply as necessary. For scuff marks, rub on a paste of water and powdered cleanser such as Ajax. Let it sit, then rinse well.
  3. If you want an environmentally sound solution for removing stains, try a gentle product such as Simple Wash (see Resources below). Just as you would with bleach or cleanser, apply this with a sponge or cloth, let it sit and rinse off.

How to Clean Patio Furniture Fabric

How to Clean Patio Furniture Fabric
Patio furniture fabric can become dirty and stained over time, mainly due to its constant exposure to the elements. Mold, mildew and plain dirt commonly form on patio furniture fabric, leaving it looking dirty and dingy. Patio furniture should be cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance. Cleaning and removing stains from patio furniture fabric will leave the fabric and furniture looking like new.


  1. Remove the cushions from the furniture and lay them on a clean, flat surface to clean the fabric. Brush off the fabric with a soft scrub brush to remove loose debris and dirt.
  2. Mix a cleaning solution in a bucket. Use 1 quart warm water and 1 tbsp. borax powder, or mix together 1/4 cup mild dish soap per gallon of warm water. Either cleaning solution will work well to clean the fabric.
  3. Spot clean any stubborn stains prior to cleaning the entire fabric. Pour lemon juice directly onto the stains and allow it to dry. This will loosen the stains.
  4. Dip a sponge or scrub brush into the bucket of cleaning solution. Scrub the fabric gently with the cleaning solution, cleaning both sides of the fabric. Avoid scrubbing too forcefully so as not to damage the fabric.
  5. Fill a bucket with plain water. Scrub the fabric with a sponge and plain water to remove any cleaning solution and dirt residue.
  6. Allow the fabric to dry completely in the sun. Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and thoroughly spray the fabric with the vinegar. This will protect the fabric from future stains of mold and mildew.
  7. Combine 2 parts baking soda and 1 part warm water into a bucket if the fabric is still dirty, or for an alternative cleaning method. Scrub the fabric with a scrub brush and the baking soda mixture to remove any remaining dirt. Rinse the fabric with plain water and allow it to dry in the sun. Spray with the vinegar solution to protect the fabric.

Basement Bar & Family Room Decorating Ideas

The basement bar is an ideal place to spend time with family and entertain.

The basement is the extra space within a home that can be designed as a space for whatever it is that you need. You can use this space for your work area, or you can design the area as a place for you and your family to entertain and relax. A bar and family room in the basement is one way to designate a space for family night.


  • The bar area in your basement can be designed a number of ways depending on the style you are trying to achieve and how much space you have. If you have a lot of space, you can install a full bar with an L-shaped counter for serving. The cabinetry that you choose must match the rest of the basement whether it is light and breezy or dark and elegant. If you do not have much space to work with, you can install a bar that has a sink on one side and a small 3- or 4-foot serving area as the bar. If you do not want to install an actual bar, you can purchase a bar that can be moved in the event that space is needed.

Family Room

  • The family room can be a place where you have a movie theater for movie night and can also be a place where you spend time with your family and play games. Purchase theater seats and a projection television if you would like to have this space as the place to go for movie night or to just watch television. If you want this space to provide a place to play games, purchase a regular couch and sitting furniture, but position all of the furniture so that you have enough room to play games. If you have the space, you can have both a movie theater and a game area in your basement as the family room portion. You can also have a hockey, ping pong or pool table down in this area for family tournaments.

Color Schemes

  • When selecting color schemes to go in your basement bar and family room, choose colors that will brighten up the space. Since the basement is already known as a dark and gloomy part of your home and is now the family room and bar area, ensure that the color scheme makes the space inviting. You can either keep it simple with four colors in your color scheme, or you can go with a more complex and colorful option with five or six different colors. If you have black appliances and furniture, incorporate black as one of your colors and use other colors to brighten it up, which can include pink, white and a light tan color. If you want something that is bright and colorful with more colors incorporated, purchase white appliances and furniture and incorporate accessories with colors that include yellow, orange, red, burgundy and bright blue.

How to Convert a Garage Into a Family Room

Convert a Garage Into a Family Room
If your house or apartment doesn’t have a good place for your family to gather, consider converting your garage. Depending on the state of your garage, the project could take only as a few days and relatively few materials. You can even enlist the help of family members to make it a fun bonding activity. Give everyone a separate job to speed through the project, or work together to paint the walls, carpet the floors and add interesting accents to liven up your old storage space.


  1. Clear out the garage. This is the first, and most difficult, step. You’ll need a different storage area to stow everything temporarily. Consider renting a storage unit or putting things into your attic. Donate or sell anything that you no longer need.
  2. If your garage doesn’t have enough electrical outlets, you’ll need to rewire the garage. It is highly recommend that you hire someone to do this as opposed to doing this yourself, as it can be dangerous.
  3. If you live in a cold area, you will need to insulate your walls. The interior-most wall usually gets heat from the house, but the two walls that are exposed to the elements need to be insulated. This will require framing the walls, which involves affixing wood posts to the walls so that insulation can be stuck in between the posts.
  4. If insulation was applied, cut some drywall and apply it to the framing in order to hide the insulation. Cover the gaps in between drywall pieces with drywall tape, then cover the drywall tape with sheet rock compound. Sand it smooth.
  5. Brighten the walls and ceiling with a few fresh coats of paint. Use a bright color to make the enclosed space seem larger.
  6. Measure floors and buy carpet for the space, or buy a large rug. If you want carpet, have it installed professionally as it is a difficult and tedious job that requires expensive machinery.
  7. Furnish the room with a sofa, television, electric fireplace and bookcases as desired.
  8. Set up space heaters and fans to control temperatures throughout the seasons.

How to Get Spilled Coffee out of an Oatmeal-Colored Berber Carpet

Getting a coffee stain out only requires a little effort and some patience.
Coffee is almost as infamous as red wine for being a difficult stain to get rid of. As coffee is a staple drink in many modern households, a dribble, drop or spill of coffee ending up on your carpet is almost inevitable. Because Berber carpet is so tightly wound, it is easy to think that a stain on this type of carpet will be particularly difficult to remove, but nothing could be further from the truth.


  1. Blot as much of the coffee stain as you can. The less moisture on the carpet the better. The most effective blotting tool is a clean rag, but if you don’t have one immediately handy, paper napkins will work as well.
  2. Pour a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stain and then let it stand for 60 minutes.
  3. Place a clean rag over the stain and then put a heavy object (like a large hardcover book) on the rag. The peroxide will draw the stain out into the cloth, and the heavy object will help speed up the process.
  4. Remove the object after a half hour. The stain should now be in the rag and your carpet will be clean. Don’t worry about blotting the remaining hydrogen peroxide immediately, as it will convert to water.

How to Replace a Leather Sofa Cushion

Leather sofa cushions add to the comfort and luxuriousness of the sofa but are vulnerable to wear and damage. Replacing them may present a challenge. For best results, order a matching cushion, or a least a cushion in the same size, color and style so that it goes well with the sofa. Do some detective work to increase your chances of finding an identical leather cushion for your sofa.


  1. Contact the manufacturer to get a matching cushion. If you aren’t sure which brand the sofa is, check your original sales receipt for the manufacturer and the model number of the sofa. If this isn’t available, pull the seat cushions off the sofa (if they come off) and check under them and in the creases under the sofa arms and back for a manufacturer’s tag. The tag could also be underneath the sofa. Use a flashlight to check.
  2. Take a photo of the sofa if you don’t find manufacturer’s information and contact the original retailer. Furniture salespeople tend to recognize products they’ve sold and may be able to help you identify the sofa’s model number and order the replacement cushion for you. Major manufacturers of leather furniture will replace individual cushions.
  3. Order a replacement cushion without the manufacturer or model number of the sofa, if necessary. It may not be possible to find this information due to the sofa’s age. In some case the manufacturer may no longer be in business. Measure the length, width and dept of the cushion. Call local shops that make custom cushions. Retailers that sell foam often provide this service. Get some price quotes. A retailer with a large line of leather furniture may be able to help you find a close match and order one from a leather furniture manufacturer.
  4. Order the cushion and get an estimate of the delivery date. Even if you order it from the original manufacturer dye lots vary, as do the textures of leather. Consider replacing all the cushions. This way if they vary from the sofa color the result looks intentional.

How to Decorate With a Leather Sofa and Fabric Chairs

Accent leather sofas with fabric chairs.
If you have a leather sofa in your living room or den, lighten up the look with chairs featuring fabric upholstery, such as linen or cotton. The fabric chairs will provide a soft contrast to the leather sofa and will keep the room balanced. You can also introduce other fabric textiles into the design to complement the overall look of the room. While a leather sofa can give the space a sophisticated style, fabric chairs will lend a warm touch.


  1. Choose chairs featuring colorful fabric that complement the color of the leather sofa. Pick an armchair with a bold pumpkin orange and cream-colored swirl or striped pattern to liven up a brown sofa. Complement a black leather sofa with chairs featuring red and white fabric to give the space a pop of color.
  2. Arrange the sofa and chairs in an aesthetically pleasing pattern. Place the leather sofa in the center of the room or against a wall and set a fabric-covered chair on either side of it.
  3. Place matching fabric-covered ottomans in front of the chairs to create a cohesive look and add comfort.
  4. Accent the leather sofa with a decorative throw blanket and pillows to create visual appeal. Choose a blanket and pillows featuring one of the colors in the fabric chairs. Place a pillow in each of the sofa’s corners and fold the blanket over the back of the sofa.
  5. Enhance the space between the sofa and chairs with coordinating decor items and textiles. Place a large, plush rug on hardwood or tile floors. Decorate a coffee table with items such as a candy dish or a vase filled with flowers that matches the chairs’ fabric.

How to Paint & Repair a Leather Couch

How to Paint & Repair a Leather Couch

Leather furniture requires proper maintenance and regular upkeep. Without these essentials, it will lose its beautiful color and begin to crack. Color fading and cracking can come from a variety of different reasons including weather conditions, lack of care or normal wear and tear. If your leather couch doesn’t look like it did when you bought it, you can use a leather restoration kit to paint and repair your furniture.


  1. Select a leather restoration kit. You can find these online or in most furniture stores. Most kits will come with multiple color selections, leather prep, finishing sprays, a spray unit, gloves, a palette knife and sponge applicators. Make sure your kit has all of these products and the color you need.
  2. Cover your work area. Use newspaper, a sheet or plastic covering to protect other items from exposure to chemicals.
  3. Apply prep solution onto the leather with the sponge and rub it in with an abrasive pad. This process will remove the manufacture’s finish. Continue this process until you start to see the color lifting from the leather, exposing the color beneath. You will also see excess color on your abrasive pad.
  4. Wipe down the leather. Use a damp cloth and alcohol cleaner. Let the leather dry for 30 minutes.
  5. Wipe a thin layer of filler into the cracks with a palette knife. The painted layer of the leather becomes the most cracked. You will have fewer cracks to fill if you remove this layer during the prep. Let the filler dry for about 3 minutes.
  6. Apply first layer of color. Rub a small amount of color into the leather with a clean sponge. Work the color into any gaps or creases. If you notice more cracks, simply apply more filler.
  7. Administer second layer of color. Spread color over the entire couch with the sponge, using smooth, even strokes. If the color is too thick, it will cause bubbles and runs. If you notice this, take a cloth and immediately smooth the surface. Allow the layer to dry.
  8. Attach the spray unit to the color pick-up tube for the spray layer. Hold the spray 6 to 8 inches from the surface and dispense a thin, even layer of color.
  9. Apply a thin layer of finishing spray once the color has completely dried.
  10. Allow the couch to dry. Wait approximately 48 hours before disturbing your furniture.

How to Fix a Dry & Cracked Leather Couch

A dry, cracked leather couch can be restored using the right materials.
Buying a couch from a secondhand store can save you a lot of money compared to the cost of purchasing a new leather couch. However, the condition of a used couch may leave something to be desired. Older leather has a tendency to dry out and can even crack if the leather shrinks due to lack of suppleness. By using the correct leather products, a leather couch that is in rough shape can be given a new lease on life.


  1. Prepare the couch by removing any filth from the outside using leather cleaner and a soft cloth.
  2. Rub down the leather with a soft-bristled brush to loosen caked-on grime.
  3. Wipe down the couch with a second cloth to remove any remaining cleaner and debris.


  1. Dab leather bonder/filler over any cracks in the surface of the leather. This will create a smooth surface and restore the original line of the piece.
  2. Dry the wet bonder/filler by using the heated air from a hairdryer.
  3. Create a barrier that will encase the bonded areas on the leather by applying a spray-on product such as leather sealer. Allow to dry fully before attempting to condition the couch.


  1. Squirt leather conditioner onto the surface of the couch and massage the conditioner into the entire couch, even the parts that don’t look that dry.
  2. Clean off the extra conditioner that hasn’t been absorbed into the exterior upholstery with smooth, long strokes with a dry cloth.
  3. Recondition the couch every three to six months, making sure to clean the surface first. This will remove corrosive oils from the leather and replenish the natural plumpness of the leather, preventing the couch from getting dried out again.

How to Reupholster a Leather Sofa

A reupholstered leather sofa

If you have a leather sofa that has seen better days, with worn or torn seat cushions and arms, you may wish that you could afford a new one; but reupholstering the sofa yourself is likely easier than you imagine. Whether you are upholstering leather or some other fabric, the procedure is the same.


  1. Remove the old leather from the sofa. Flip the sofa upside down and use a flat-head screwdriver or some other flat tool to get under the existing staples and lift them out. Use a seam ripper to separate each piece of leather to use as templates.
  2. Lay the new leather fabric face down on a flat surface. Place the old leather pieces face down on top of the new piece. Pin them into place along the edges of each piece with the sewing pins.
  3. Use the electric scissors to cut out the new pieces. Remove the pins after each piece is cut out.
  4. Place the back piece on and staple it into place along the back top edge of the sofa. Position the front piece into place by flipping the leather over face down, letting it drape down the back. Staple it right on top of the back piece, across the top edge of the sofa. Flip the leather over on the front, which prevents the staples from being seen.
  5. Pull the leather tightly down, and place a staple on the inside of each corner to hold it into place. Pull and staple the leather into place at the sides and on the inside bottom of the back piece.
  6. Place each arm piece onto the sofa and staple it in place on the inside and outside back.
  7. Place the bottom front of the sofa piece onto the front and staple it into place by flipping the leather over on the top and stapling it along the front edge. Flip it back over and staple it underneath the front bottom of the sofa.
  8. Attach the remaining open sides of the back piece into place, covering the back of the arms. Staple it into place on the underside of the sofa.
  9. Cut pieces of leather for the seat cushions and pin them together with right sides facing in. Sew a 5/8-inch seam along the front and sides, leaving the back side open.
  10. Sew hook and loop tape strips on both sides of the back opening. Turn the cushion covers right side out and place the foam inside, then close them with the hook and loop tape strips.
  11. Finish the new upholstery by hammering the tacks in line along the bottom front edge and arms to give the sofa a sophisticated look.

How to Clean & Moisturize a Natuzzi Couch

Common household products can be used to clean and maintain your Natuzzi leather couch.
Natuzzi leather furniture is manufactured by the Natuzzi Group, based in Santeramo in Colie, Italy. Natuzzi has furniture lines that fall under three brands: Natuzzi, Italsofa and Natuzzi Editions. The lines include sofas (including sleeper sofas), sectionals, chairs (including reclining chairs), and ottomans. Natuzzi sofas and other leather products are known for the natural look of the covering, including scars, wrinkles and color variations. Keeping a Natuzzi couch looking its best entails cleaning stains when they occur and gently wiping the surface with gentle materials.


  1. Wipe the sofa completely on all surfaces to remove any loose dirt or dust using a clean cloth.
  2. Use a soft-bristle brush or use a vacuum cleaner set to medium suction power with a soft brush attachment to remove any dried-on dirt.
  3. Clean any water-soluble stains when they occur to keep them from settling into the leather by wiping with a cloth or paper towel. Moisten another cloth in water and wipe the surface of the stain, working from the outside of the stain and moving inward.
  4. Use a mild soap, such as liquid dish soap, diluted with water on a clean cloth to remove any set-in stains. Use only light pressure when cleaning so as not to press the stain into the pores of the leather.

Classic Italian Decorating

Bring the romance and color of Italy into your home.

Classic Italian design and décor is inviting. It brings the old-world charm and tranquility of Italy and romance into the home. Rich, earth-tone colors, intricately detailed furniture and home accessories are key elements in Italian decorating. Window treatments, wall colors, furniture and décor accessories can easily be transformed to create a warm, romantic space inspired by Italy.


  • Texture, texture and more texture. The walls in an Italian decorated room are rich in texture. And if that is the look you want, there are several ways to achieve it. Simple painting techniques using short strokes with brushes loaded with paint will give the appearance of a textured wall. For an even more Italian look, you can apply additional plaster on the surface of the wall. Wall color sets the mood and provides inspiration for the rest of the room design. Because Italian-style décor is inspired by the earth and nature, choose earth-tone colors for your walls. A wall painted in a rich terra cotta surrounded by walls in a sandy beige will give the space the feel of an Italian villa.

Window Coverings

  • When dressing the windows in your Italian-inspired room, think about two things: color and texture. Like wall colors used in a room decorated in Italian style, hang drapes or curtains that mirror the overall color scheme. For example, if the room has a rich terra cotta wall surrounded by three sandy beige walls as mentioned previously, hang drapes that coordinate with these two colors. Drapes should also have some sort of texture, such as wrinkled sheers, to provide an added touch of old-world charm. Remembering to coordinate each element of the room design with appropriate colors and textures will create a dynamic and unified space.
    Sheer curtains in coordinating colors works perfectly in a Italian-style room.
    Sheer curtains in coordinating colors works perfectly in a Italian-style room.


  • When choosing furniture for an Italian-inspired space, think intricate detailing, scrollwork and embellishments. Pieces constructed of wood, wrought iron or metal tend to be common, as well as pieces made from a combination of materials. For example, a wrought iron coffee table with a stone or wood top is perfect for an Italian living room because of its natural beauty. Furniture pieces constructed of wood range in color from light to dark. Some pieces may have a distressed appearance, such as the cabinets in classic Italian kitchens. There is nothing like a distressed piece of furniture to invite old-world Italian charm into a room.


  • Accessorizing a room is like coordinating the perfect outfit. Pieces need to enhance the room’s design while at the same time serving an important function. Like Italian-style furniture, the room decor and accessories in an Italian space should be rich in color and have similar detailing or embellishments. Framed wall art created with tiles in warm, earthy colors will bring a tranquil charm to the space. In addition, the tiles will provide the room with pops of color and life. Wrought iron candleholders or scrolling wall sconces create an inviting Italian oasis. Hang paintings of vineyards or a canvas depicting a quiet Italian streetscape to give the space interest and appeal.
    Showcase the essence of Italy with a painting of a quiet Italian street.
    Showcase the essence of Italy with a painting of a quiet Italian street.

How to Paint your Walls Tuscan Style

A woman is painting her walls.

Color-washing, rag rolling and dry-brushing are techniques that give your walls a Tuscan finish when you apply them over rough plaster to heavily textured drywall. The sun-drenched, rich hues of the Mediterranean style warms interiors, and the chalky, antiqued whites take your decor back in time. To find the precise color that will illuminate your walls, experiment on a spare piece of drywall or large cardboard panel. Then observe the color in varied lights to see how it will play on the walls.

Rough It Up

  • You can totally faux a Tuscan look on the walls with nothing more than your paintbrush — but roughing up the wall texture first will take it to another level. As a method that is not very complicated to pull off, it is messy. Lay a dropcloth, or three or four, on the floor and over any furniture that’s still in the room. Tape the edges of areas to be plastered with painter’s tape to protect ceiling, trim and baseboards. Apply light joint compound, thinned slightly with water if necessary, with a flat putty knife. Layer it on the wall in swirls and random streaks, avoiding any thick buildup but leaving the finish a bit rough. Once it dries, sand lightly and then prime the wall over the raw plaster. A mix of half primer and half base coat begins the process of color layering on the wall.

The Light in Your Palazzi

  • Color is everything in a Tuscan finish. Paint hues tend to have some warming yellow or orange in them but nature, neutral and jewel tones all have their place too. A rustic look incorporates pink, mustard, terra cotta, mushroom and leaf colors. Classic Tuscan interiors frequently default to whites — always a warm white — and those may be smudged and faux-aged with dry-brushed grays or diluted brown glazes. A palatial Tuscan villa indulges in more vivid hues. Rich, deep colors and jewel-like shades — emeralds, rubies, sapphires, topaz and amethyst are arresting in living and dining rooms, entry hallways and powder rooms.

Paint a Panino on the Wall

  • A Tuscan paint finish is like a sandwich, an Italian panino of appetizing layers that merge to create a distinctive flavor. Once your base coat dries on the rough-plastered wall, apply a second coat of paint, barely diluted with water so it washes over the wall with some translucence. The base color, if different, will show through in places. Use color-washing techniques — paint strokes every-which-way re-worked with the brush when they begin to drip. A clean rag smooths and blurs the wet paint while absorbing any big drips. Don’t wipe up too much paint or eliminate all brush marks. Leave concentrations of paint in the plaster crevices for more texture. The third coat is a delicate dry-brushing with a lighter or darker contrast. This layer of paint will catch all the ridges and raised plaster swirls — don’t press hard on the brush and don’t get much paint on the wall. The dry-brushed coat creates only highlights.

Upscale Tuscan

  • Deeper wall colors replicate the opulent architecture in Tuscan cities such as Florence, where stucco and plaster are burnished, trimmed in gold and reflect the rich furnishings and art in the decor. Vine-green gleams like emerald in a library lined with bespoke wood shelves and filled with Italian antiques. Edge vine-green crown molding with the same tarnished gold as picture frames — once the plaster walls are color-washed. Flat pimiento-red or warm pumpkin in the living room or kitchen work with both copper pans and honey-colored wood trim. The drama of a sapphire entry is balanced by floors set with Tuscan limestone tiles.

Italian & Dutch Baroque Art Styles

A statue by Bernini stands in the Fontana del Moro, Piazza Navona, Rome.
The Baroque period of art history lasted from the 1600s to the mid 1700s. During this period, artists reacted against the restrained art typical of the end of the Renaissance and began creating work that was dramatic and filled with emotion. However, when you compare Baroque art from the Netherlands with Baroque art from Italy, you can see that artists from each country expressed these tendencies quite differently.

Characteristics of Baroque Art

  • No matter where it was produced, Baroque art is characterized by heightened emotion and dramatic tension. In painting, that meant a strong contrast between dark and light, called chiaroscuro. Also, Baroque painters painted with swirling brushstrokes to convey a sense of energy. In sculpture, that meant creating figures that appear to be in motion, with swirling garments and windblown hair. Baroque artists often tried to capture their subjects in the middle of an action.

Differences Between Italian and Dutch Baroque Art

  • Italian Baroque art was primarily commissioned by the Catholic Church. Naturally, the church’s influence meant that Baroque art from Italy almost always had religion as its subject matter. In contrast, by the 1600s, most people in the Netherlands were Protestant. Instead of the church, artists relied on nobles, wealthy merchants and other patrons for commissions. Dutch Baroque art is primarily secular, often consisting of portraits of people going about their day-to-day activities.

Italian Baroque Artists

  • One of the most important Italian Baroque painters was Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio. Caravaggio’s work was known for its extreme chiaroscuro and often violent subject matter, such as his paintings of Judith with the severed head of Holofernes. Gian Lorenzo Bernini was the most important Italian sculptor of the Baroque period. He was famous for intense, dynamic sculptures that placed viewers in the middle of the action. For example, when you approach Bernini’s Statue of David, David seems to be in the act of throwing a rock at you.

Dutch Baroque Artists

  • The most famous Dutch Baroque artist was the painter Rembrandt van Rijn. In Rembrandt’s characteristic portraits, the subject is always illuminated against a dark background. Instead of painting people sitting quietly, Rembrandt often painted them in action. Even when his subjects are sitting down, they appear to be about to move or speak. Frans Hals was another important Dutch painter. He allowed more light in his paintings than Rembrandt did, and used loose, suggestive brushwork to make his portraits come alive.

Difference Between Furniture Styles

Furniture styles usually root from American or European influence.
Furniture has undergone several changes, modifications and improvements throughout the centuries. From crude beginnings of roughly made tables and chairs to the luxurious, leather clad furniture of today, furniture has been made into several styles unique to the makers. The most recent furniture styles are styles that are used in today’s homes.

Early American Styles

  • Early American styles rooted mainly from European styles christened after famous leaders, such as William and Mary and Queen Anne. This style usually includes rigid lines, dark colors and ornate carvings, lending a somewhat Gothic influence. Furniture in this style was usually made from local rather than imported wood. Queen Anne is a more graceful version of the William and Mary style, with more ornate drawer pulls, fiddle back chairs and legs that ended in a drake foot or pad rather than tapering off.

American Style

  • American furniture styles fall mainly into three categories; modern, antique and rustic. Modern style furniture focuses on clean lines and simple design. Furniture is mostly made of chrome, plastic and vinyl. Antique furniture imitates the simple design of colonial period furniture. Antique furniture was created for use, not display, therefore it tends to be more practical and plain. Rustic furniture reflects the area in which the house itself is placed. This type of furniture has a more home-like feel and focuses on handmade pieces.

European Styles

  • European styles can be traced mainly to English, French and Italian influences. English styles tend to be plainer than other European styles, depending on the period in which the furniture was used. Dark colors, natural lines, the use of oak, walnut and mahogany and less frills are predominant in this style. French furniture, on the other hand, is almost extravagant in lines, frills and decor. Italian furniture was influenced by 15th century Rome during the renewal period. The use of unusual materials such as marble and stone in furniture making make the Italian style distinct.

Art Styles

  • Arts and crafts and Art Noveau both focus on art, but the two are almost completely opposite. These styles were in vogue in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The arts and crafts style emphasized straight lines, plain leather as the main materials and darker woods for every day furniture. The style is relatively plain, especially in contrast to the vivid, ornamental styles of Art Noveau. The phrase means “New Art” in French, indicating a newer, more extravagant deviation from arts and crafts.